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FYI: Cooper Tire recall

Hundreds of thousands of tires could lose air pressure or fail prematurely

Cooper Tire & Rubber is recalling 288,000 tires, sold as aftermarket replacements, because they could lose air pressure or come apart, resulting in a possible crash.

In three separate recalls, the firm said it would replace the following tire brands and models, made since 2004:

• 183,602 Cooper Discoverer S/T, Cooper Dean Mud Terrain Radial SXT, Cooper Durango Radial XTR, and Cooper Mastercraft Courser C/T; Mickey Thompson Dick Cepek Radial F-C II; TBC Corp. Mesa C/T; Transamerican Auto Parts Pro Comp Xtreme A/T; and Treadways Corp. Tempra Trailcutter Radial RT. The suspect light-truck tires were made Feb. 1, 2004, through Jan. 21, 2006. All but the Pro Comp Xtreme involve tires in size LT285/75R16. The affected Pro Comp Xtreme is size 38.50 x 14.50R20LT.
The problem: They might not have enough rubber, which could lead to cracking and, perhaps, failure.

• 101,582 Cooper Trendsetter SE, Cooper Mastercraft A/S IV, Cooper Starfire Flite-Line IV, and Cooper Dean Alpha 365 A/S passenger car tires made Nov. 21, 2004, through July 30, 2005. The affected tires came in sizes P175/70R13, P185/65R14, P185/70R14, P195/70R14, and P205/70R14.
The problem: The tires could lose air pressure and fail.

• 3,164 Cooper Zeon 2XS and Cooper Mastercraft Avenger ZHP light-truck tires made April 25, 2004, through Feb. 12, 2005. Both recalled tires came in size 235/ 35R19XL. In addition, the recalled Zeon came in size 245/40R20.
The problem: The tires could lose air pressure and fail.

What to do

Cooper is notifying registered owners about the recall. If you haven’t been contacted, inspect the tires to see if you have the affected model and size. Next check the Department of Transportation, or DOT, number on the sidewall. The last four digits determine the week and year the tire was made; for example, the digits 0106 would signify that the tire was made during the first week of 2006. Pat Brown, a Cooper spokeswoman, says consumers can call 800-854-6288 for help with identification. The company is cautioning drivers to avoid traveling at highway speeds until the tires are inspected and replaced.


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Thanks for the information. I will Sticky this for the time being :thumbsup:



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I had no idea and I have these tires. Thanks alot, I hate these tires anyways


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FYI new recall in size 245/70/17. Cooper made these tires for at least 6 different companies all under different names. The last Gov Recall shows them as Nokian's.