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Galaxy Nexus/Droid Razr Maxx?


October 20, 2011
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Until recently I was using an iPhone with my 2012 Explorer. However, we moved and my new house is in an AT&T dead zone so I decided to switch to Verizon. I decided I wanted a 4G phone and ultimately bought the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (running ICS). I almost bought the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx which is not yet running ICS but it will be in the future.

Anyway, I am not thinking about returning the GNex and going for the Razr Maxx or alternatively returning and just getting a Verizon iPhone.

I don't know, however, if my problems are GNex specific and would be solved by switching to the Razr Maxx.

1. I have paired my GNex using Bluetooth. However, none of my contacts have come over and I can't use any voice commands with the phone. If I call someone manually from the phone then I can use the speaker but I can't initiate any call using voice commands.

My research indicates that some people have had this problem but others have not.

Does anyone know (1) how to fix it and/or (2) whether there is a similar problem with the Droid Razr Maxx.

2. I can stream music over bluetooth using the GNex but no song titles show on the display. Has anyone been able to see titles with the GNex or the Razr Maxx?

3. The USB drive does not recognize the GNex at all. I found some indication through searching that the GNex can't be mounted as a USB drive so that is why it doesn't work.

Does anyone know if the Razr Maxx can be recognized as a USB drive?

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Did you turn on USB storage *before* connecting your phone to the car?

I have a Galaxy S II, and have no issues with the phone working with the car. No idea about song titles, since I don't play music from the phone except for Slacker, which won't transfer song info.

Have you gotten the new MFT update?

I have the Galaxy Nexus and mine does everything fine over bluetooth. If I plug it into the USB to charge MFT gives me the error that the device isn't supported over USB, but the calls all work fine etc.

I would wait for the updated MFT, then repair and see how it goes.

Don't cave in and get an idon't :)

I deleted the phone and synched it to bluetooth again. The good news is that I now have my contacts in and can dial using the voice commands.

However, playing music through bluetooth still doesn't show song names.

I don't have the new software update yet. For those who do and have a Galaxy Nexus does it show song titles when played through bluetooth?

On the USB issue, though, I don't the software will make a difference since I think this is a Galaxy Nexus issue where it can't be mounted as a USB drive. Does anyone have a Razr Maxx or even a Razr (since the Maxx is very similar)? If so, can it use the USB connection?

My Galaxy Nexus plays fine on Bluetooth and USB, but doesn't do the song titles well over BT. I don't yet have the newer software.

But man, if you get a chance to get an iPhone or something, or can hold out until the new iPhone comes out, I would do that. I went from an iPhone 4 to the GNex, and it is a serious amount of daily regret. I can't believe people put up with Android. There is so, so much that iOS does better as far as general usability and stability.

Not to mention better battery life, and so on. If Apple makes the upgrades that made me leave the iPhone in the first place (LTE and a larger screen), I am selling this Nexus ASAP.

Good luck either way. Not entirely sure where your issue is with the USB, the biggest problem I have with it is that it will also sometimes play my Voicemail messages since I use Google Voice for Visual Voicemail.

When you get the new MFT update your song info will work. It also depends on which music player you use on the phone. My Sprint Galaxy II has been working great since the update.