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Gap between upper and lower intake - thoughts? 4.0L SOHC


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September 23, 2003
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1999 Ford Explorer Sport
As posted in a previous thread:

So I have another question. I torqued the upper intake manifold bolts to 5 ft/lbs and I shine a flash light to see if the upper intake sits flush with the lower intake and it doesn't. I can actually see the blue from the gaskets where the upper and lower intake manifold meet. Is this normal?!

You can see in the pictures below. This one you can actually see the blue gasket

This one you can see the gap (shown by number 2 arrows) but if you look at the number 1 arrow, the front part of the upper intake is flush. Are the runners in the middle raised and I'm just over reacting? This gap just doesn't seem right.


Can anyone verify if they have this gap on their intake? It takes two seconds shining a flashlight in from the side.

I just verified and the lower intake manifold is installed currently and not backwards. I referenced 2000streetrod's picture and make sure the notches in the corners lined up and they do.


Anyone have any ideas? I hate to sound desperate but this is stressing me out and I don't want to rip the upper intake back off if I don't have to. It was a pain!

Mine looks exactly like yours so hopefully someone will chime in, because I've also wondered if that gap is supposed to be there

I appreciate the reply. Upon further inspection it looks like the gap is supposed to be there. Weird but hey I guess that's the way it was designed. It runs fine!