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Garage Door Opener Issues

Hey Everyone,

I have an older Craftsman Garage Door. Recently we have been having issues getting it to open. Only opens if we are super close to the garage door or inside the garage door. I have a newer craftsman garage door opener on my other grage door and it works perfectly fine. Its not batteries in the remotes, we also have the built in homelink in our vehicles. I've read online that LED bulbs can cause interferance with garage door openers. I have installed a led bulb inside the house, but when its off the garage door still does not work correctly. Then a read that a person had motion LED night lights in their hallway that caused inteferance with their garage door opener. Which I do have inside my daughters bedroom and the hallway upstairs which is near the garage. Those have been their for years though. Thoughts?


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It is not. Garage, bathroom & outside outlets all on same breaker. Just seems weird that it would all of a sudden cause interference.

Is the baby monitor on the same electrical circuit in the house (circuit breaker)? Try switching it to a different outlet or put a surge suppressor on it.


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just looking
I had a Craftsman garage door opener fail last year.. Ended needing a new circuit board. Replaced it with a version from Chamberlain, that looks exactly the same; it's this item. The replacement circuit board was close to $100, so I figure for a few more dollars, I could upgrade.

The new version has:

light/movement sensor on the wall switch; now when I walk into the garage, the lights turns on/off automatically.

timed closed - it will open for x minutes, then automatically close.

OnQ support - with the gateway, I can now open/close/check status of my garage door from anywhere in the world that has Internet access. This is really, really handy and nice feature. visit now
Hey everyone,

I have the H3 luxury package, and I noticed that I have 3 little built in buttons designed for opening gates/garage doors.

Does anyone know how to set this up? Because I have a remote garage door opener but it's really clunky.

I did read the instructions in the manual but they dont seem to work? I'd rather have a real person describe the process to me, if anyone knows.