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Garage Door VS Antenna = "Crash!" + "Snap!"


So I need your help Ford Explorer Forum... I have a 2015 Ford Explorer Sport. The other day when I was pulling into my work's parking garage the door closed accidentally on my vehicle. It hit the roof rails 2 feet from the back of the car, and as I drove forward (trying to get out of the way) the antenna snapped off the base.

The dealer said that he was going to need to take down the header and replace the whole thing if I could not get the base screw out, but I was able to extract the piece of antenna screw still stuck in the base with a reverse thread drill.

Now for my question... I was able to replace the antenna mast, but it appears that the base of the antenna is not 100% tight to the roof. Perhaps it was always that way, but if I rock the base forward and backwards I can pull a 1mm gap between the roof of the car and the black gasket around the antenna base. My question is this: Is that black 'gasket' around the base the only thing preventing the water from leaking in the car, or is there another firmer mount inside the base anchoring the antenna base to the car?

I just want to be sure that I don't start getting water leaking in my car... again, my thought is that the plastic/rubber ring around the base is just to seat the base to the roof, but I cannot for the life of me find ANY photos on how the base is physically attached to the roof of the car.

Does that make sense??? Thanks!

Thanks, that helps a bit... but what I don't know (and really need somebody to answer if they can), is not having the antenna base flush with the roof will automatically mean it would leak in, OR if there is a secondary gasket/seal on the inside. I would suspect this would be a rather costly fix otherwise.


How does it mount?

What I am really trying to figure out is HOW does the antenna mount to the roof of the car? There is about a 1MM gap at the front of the base between the roof of the car and the black 'gasket'. My question is if there is another gasket on the inside or is water free to flow into the roof now?

Here is a photo for ready reference...


If there is a secondary gasket inside then I won't fret... Else could I blow expansion foam into it to seal the hole?