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gas filler neck leak ??


May 18, 2005
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Uxbridge Ontario Canada
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2016 3.5
1998 5.0L V8 XLT
:ca: Rust and age have caused my filler neck to leak just above the rear tire where the filler neck meets a rubber hose. It drips away while I am filling the tank. About 100 cc's or less are lost / tankful.

Is this commonn and what parts / tools do I need to have on hand to fix this?


Brian H.
Uxbridge Ont

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Its the most convenient coincidence that i am having this same problem. Infact my check engine light had just came on. My buddy has a OBDII scanner and went thru the system for me. turns out its a P0455 Evaporative Emission Control System Leak Detected Gross Leak. The gas filler neck has more than its share of rust around it.
In order to replace it i would say you would need some pliers (needle nose), a flat head screwdriver for the hose clamp, and maybe a floor jack. I find it is easiest to access and remove the filler neck when the tire is off. this way you can get inside the wheel well. Best of luck. If you could post pics of this project i would appreciate it as i am planning on replacing mine in the near future. (or until it stops snowing) :D

This video gave me the confidence to tackle this on my own and resolved my P0455 issue that the mechanic was struggling to diagnose.

Really appreciate this Sbyrne97.

this is a pretty common problem for rust-belt trucks. salty water collects and sits where the hoses connect to the metal part of the fill/vent pipes. it's a pretty easy repair and new pipes are available around $100. the hardest part of the repair may be that the hose clamps at the tank may need to be cut off if they're badly rusted.

Anyone know where you can get the filler pipe hose. Ford doesn't carry it anymore and it's starting to crack. I want to replace it before I can't fill the tank.

i got mine from a junk yard donor,, they charged me $25 for it, and they took it out,,


i sanded it all up , made it nice and smooth, and painted it black , before i put it in ,,