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gas leak top of tank


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October 10, 2003
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Jeffersonville, PA
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91 xl
I've been getting abysmal gas mileage. I get 140 mile on a full tank max. Exhaust smelled of raw gas. No CEL. I replaced the O2 sensor since I have 200,000 on the clock(I did try running the truck with O2 sensor disconnected with no CEL either). Since replacing the O2 sensor I have developed a good sized gas leak from the top rear of the tank that didn't exist before. I am wondering if a bad O2 sensor caused me to run open circuit. Now that it is replaced fuel is going back to the tank but the return line is off or damaged. I am dropping the tank Friday morning and want to know if the lines are metal or plastic and easily replaceable in sections?

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Thanks to the wonders of the SEARCH function it would seem I have either a ruptured fuel line(likely return according to symptoms) or the metal outlet/inlets have corroded. Any suggestions on fuel line repair or are they made of unobtanium?

You probably need a new sending unit, mine rusted out before.

FWIW I put in a new sender and problem solved.

I had the same problem with mine. the lock down gasket had all but dissolved. I would go ahead and change the sending unit if your going through that and you might need a new lock down ring. Mine was rusted pretty bad i actually just squeezed it together to get it off.