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Gas leak!!!!!


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September 29, 2008
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96 Eddie Bauer
OK so I have had my on going battle with my codes, low fuel pressure etc.

Determined there was a problem with the new fuel pump. Turns out there was, had difficulties removing it but finally did and last night I got th elast of the parts I neede and was putting everything back together.

So I got everything out.

Got all the parts I needed.

Outt he tank back together.

Put the tnak back up.

Hooked up the lines.

Bolted everythign down.

Hooked up the power.

Turned the key to run the fuel pump.

Runs strong...


the larger of the two line fromt he fuel pump is leaking. The metal clips (I bought new ones) aren't holding. Well the smalelr one is.

When I was putting in the larger one it was coming out very easily. And I had a difficult time gettting it to attach onto the fuel line form the pump. What I think happened is the lip that holds the clip in got bent out when I was tryignt o get the old clips off and now when you addd pressure to the line it makes the line slip right off.

I called it a night last night but am going to need to go take everything down againt o gain access to the line and clips. I am hoping I can bend that lip back into shape (not alot of play in that line) so it holds the clip.

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

Possibly even a way to change that out somehow.

I don't know why they dont use simple screw in "turnbuckle" style screws to connect the lines anymore.

these "quick clips" are nothing but trouble!

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Yes sir.

Its not the plastic snap locks that are the problem.

It's the metal "quick clip", and its housing which connect the fuel line to the elbow fuel line from the pump itself.

Here's a picture which will help explain


Any suggestions?

Besides pull everythign out and try to bend the lip back into shape.

or maybe just a suggestion on how ot get it back into shape.

hmmm well we had a similar leak on a 97 4.0L truck here, we ended up swapping the entire fuel line assembly from another truck

Good luck!

I hope you can get your fitting bent back into shape, my first guess would be its not plugged all the way in, and locked down

Always run the pump and check for leaks BEFORE putting the tank all the way back in :)

Well it definitely felt liek it wasn't going in all the way to me but then I thought I heard the click and it seemed to be int here real good.

And as for putting it all together and THEN checking for leaks.

There's liek NO play in any of the lines so getting it together first and then mounting it is near impossible.

but thanks!


I understand, you can make a bit of slack in the lines and wires yourself, just a bit

Before I hang the tank 100% and install the filler tubes, I will do the testing, it saves you just that much work

Get that sucker dropped and lets have a look inside your fuel line fitting
I feel ya, it took us a week to get the 97 repaired after he spring a leak in his fuel line..
2 hour job turns into 7 days

I had a similar problem, however I did as 410 says and tested for leaks before putting the tank back. The lines don't have lots of play, I had my tank sitting a few inches off the ground, just enough to connect the lines and test for leaks.

Anyways, I was having trouble getting that line to lock in. I was able to bend the clips enough to lock with some picks we have lying around. Just find anything you can stick in there to pull the clip thingy back into shape, and have at it. It not fun or easy, but it's possible.

And FWIW, we had to replace the fuel pump on my dad's GMC, and it has the standard style lines with the nut to lock it down, and it was just as much or more of a pain to deal with versus the lines on my explorer. Put simply, it took not much longer to do my explorer's tank by myself than it did to the my dad's tank between the two of us.

I SO love my 1988, the little plastic clips pull out with a flat head in 2 seconds, you break one, guess what teh new filter came with two more..... I have a drawer full

the newer style chinese finger puzzle pressure fittings are a PITA
I have plastic and metal tools for these lines, and still a sharpie pen cap works better on half of them! LOL

The reason you put power to the pump and prime the fuel system is to find a leak just like this before you fully install the tank, saves a bit of work and is good practice
Only once did I ever have a leak

On these metal ones many times you can get it to seal, the spring is out of place or something..., have a look see

I dropped the tank and sure enough the leak is from the connection.

We fooled around with the pressure clip and still leaked.

We pulled out the clip and took a peak inside and it looks like the rubber o ring onthe inside MAY be broken. has this ever happened to anyone before? (yellow part)


If it is broken is ther eany way i can replace the metal receiver?


Or the top part of the line?


This might be the connector to replace that one, not sure though. I would go to the auto parts store and see if they have on of these:

This set has the right tool to avoid destroying fuel lines:

Look at the instruction manual:
Ford/GM Fuel Line Disconnect Set
1992-newer Chev. Lumina & Monte Carlo; Pontiac Grand Prix; Olds. Cutlass Supreme; Buick Regal (all with ABS); 1988-newer Ford pickups
Releases quick connect fittings on 5/16” and 3/8” fuel lines. Releases fuel line on fuel tank

It has others special tools too that may avoid destroying that fitting.

If you wait the price may drop...

If you don't have a Ford fuel line repair kit, go to NAPA. My local NAPA jobber has a complete display of fuel line repair parts. You will be able to get exactly what you need I'm sure.

If you don't have a Ford fuel line repair kit, go to NAPA. My local NAPA jobber has a complete display of fuel line repair parts. You will be able to get exactly what you need I'm sure.

At this point this is probably exactly what Im going to do.