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Gas Mileage (1994 4L)


October 16, 2004
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Southern California
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94 XLT
I'm a new owner of a 94 XLT 4L AT 2WD (150k) X. I love it but the gas mileage is poor. Just tuned, runs good, no leaks, and passed CA smog.

1) What is typical gas mileage for an X like this?

2) There are no check engine codes at this time. Are there some components that can get weak and lead to poor mileage that don't manifest themselves w/ check engine codes?


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um not real good i get maby 12-13

1) Depends on several things - 4x4 or 4x2, tire size, rear axle ratio, and driving habits.

2) Go to Napa and get some seafoam. That should help some.

my 92 4x4 gets about 19.5 on the highway,

roughly 14 to 15 in town,

it has the 3.27 gear ratio

you can check air filter, sparkplugs and stuff they maby be in need of replacement

You should post what you're getting. Mine ranges from the mid 11's when all I make are short trips around town driving like a mad man with overdrive off to 16 when I'm cruising on the highway.

I have a '93 4x4 5spd with 3.27 gears. I get about 14-15.5 around town.

you should be getting about what i get if mostly stock and 2wd i usually get 16 to 21 depending on driving style (soft - Agressive)

I have a 94 sport 4x4 AT, I get a combined average of 16 and I get around 20 on the highway.

ok well I get 8-10 avg in nyc with 94 xlt 4x4 but run 4x2 unless its snow or mud but then i do live in NYC and the traffic is VERY stop and go and i drive it hard i just had a tune up, new plugs,wires, filter(s) pcv valve, and i ran a can of seafoam in it got some smoke but nothing spectacular and high way i can do really well my best was aprox 30 high way P.A to NYC

' 95 limited;automatic 4x4 .seriously when i'm driving-14-15.5 miles. then theres when my 17yo drives it-typical teenager-the kid kills us in gas-11-12 miles.hey nick-you do own a honda!!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I have 3.73 gears and I'm averaging about 15.5mpg. The original window sticker says 16/20 so I guess that's not too far off, but it's still approx 1/2 of what I've gotten in other vehicles w/ large 6 cyl engines.