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Originally posted by shibby
hey does anybody out there know what the biggest tire you can get with out the gas mileage goin wayy down. im talkin like where you can get like 12 or 13 mpg? thanks

Well,I have a 96 4 door with a v8 and 31" tires and I get 15-16 MPG. I don'y know if that helps or not..

ya that helps,but with a v6 do you think i could get even better gas mileage, cause im either wanting to get 31x12.50 bfg ats orsomething along that means. thanks again

I think you will be right near where I am. I really don't think the v6's get that much better MPG than the V8 does.

It all depends on what gears you have. But if you just want 31's then you should get better Mpg then 12-13. It's not goin to be that bad. By the way, if you have a heavy foot with the V8, you will get really bad gas mileage. It's all in how you drive. lata