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Gas Tank Skid Plate Install


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December 16, 2010
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2001 SAS'd Sport Trac
After working on lifting my truck and putting new tires on it I decided I needed to protect my underside. First step for me was buying the skid plate that covers the gas tank. Unfortunately, Ford doesn't manufacture them anymore so I had to find a place that sells "new old stock."

The part number for the skid plate and hardware is 1L2Z9C082BA. They also sell just the skid plate but then you would have to go through the pain of finding mounting hardware. Here's the link I got the package from. They are very helpful and if you have questions you can just call.

It was a really simple and easy install that literally took 10 minutes. The tools I used were:

1/2 in socket
vise grips (for maneuvering the 4th mounting plate)
floor jack (It helps to hold the skid plate up against the truck and align the holes)

Heres the plate as it came shipped -

And the hardware -


You'll see that 3 of the clips are just like whats used on almost all the other smaller bolts in the truck. They just clip over the holes that are already in the chassis. The 4th one is what took 7 minutes in the whole project. It's not the normal clip. It actually has to be tucked into the frame through an access hole behind where the bolt goes (left rear if looking down on the truck).

Okay so these are the different mounting holes - the 2 fronts first then the right rear followed by the left rear.


Theres a little slot in the picture, parallel with the front of the tank. On the skid plate, theres a small lip the has to be slid into the slot so make sure to do the front bolts first.

Right Rear Hole - I accidentally missed the hole in the picture but it is just to the right of the square hole.


The left rear hole - This is where I used the vise grips to half the bracket as I lined it up with the hole in the frame.


Here's the jack holding the skid plate up. This really makes it much easier if you are working by yourself.


After starting all the bolts, I tightened them down with the socket wrench and now its complete and I can have a little peace of mind I won't put a hole in my gas tank.


Most people will have to actually jack up their truck to squeeze under but mine had just enough lift to fit under without putting the rear on jackstands to do this. Also to make reaching the 4th bolt a little easier and placing the bracket inside the frame for it you can take off the left rear tire and reach in through the wheel well. I used this project to guide me through mine so maybe it can help you too -