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Gasoline smell, Loss of Power, Failing to start.


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November 4, 2009
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Spokane, Washington
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1994 Ford Explorer
Recently, I bought a 94 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Eddition v-6 and its been having issues. I have no idea about vehicles so don't ask me question because I won't be able to answer them. What I know: I have horrible gas milage i.e 100 miles per every tank, lose of power, failing to start after running a while. The other day I had been running it all day with no issues but coming back from the store trying to start it, it failed. I sat there for an hour and it finally started. Once it was started I ran to get some gas and cut the engine. It failed to start again. I don't know what is going on. I have checked the engine and there is no leak. Could it be spark plugs or fuel pump? I really have no idea. The engine misses momentarily when at a stop. Please help.

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How many miles are on it and do you know when it was last tuned up? What you are describing could be any number of things such as plugs, wires, fuel pump regulator, .etc. Also, is the CEL on?

The milage is 163,000 miles. I have had it two months. I need for another four to five months.

Is the CHECK ENGINE light on ?

It could be many things at this point. Bad Ground wire, Needs tuneup parts, Fuel pressure Regulator ( That's my bet from the poor mileage and gas smell), bad O2 sensor.

Thanks for the help.

the engine light goes on and off periodically.

You're going to have to become a mechanic. Or take it to one. No way round this one. You need to start by pulling the CEL codes and remedying all of them. After you do that then you can continue more trouble shooting if necesary. First pull the codes and find out what they are. Search the forums for how to do that. Fix one code at a time.