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Gauge Temperature Sender on 99 4.0 OHV


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October 12, 2022
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2000 Explorer Sport XLT
This is about electrical behavior on the water temperature sender on 1999 4.0 OHV EFI motor.
I noticed the sender had a bit of a crack on the plastic and thought it would be a good idea to change it since it was the stock. I WAS VERY WRONG. I bought one from autozone (Duralast TU241) that looks exactly the same, put it on but the needle in IC didn’t have any readings. At first i thought i had shorted it but that was not the case. I took it off and checked the continuity between the tip and the pins on the old one and it showed continuity, then i checked the new one and didn’t show the same continuity. Bought a second one just to discard the possibility that it was shorted. The new one behave exactly the same. Meaning the part from autozone was not the correct one. I decided to put back the old one but now the plastic connector completely cracked. I did put it on anyway and connected directly by taking off the plastic connector. This time the needle moved but it jumped off the chart way past the last “Hot” mark. The “CHECK GAUGE” Indicator also turned on. I opened the IC clear casing to check if i could place the needle in the right position but i think i just messed it up because now it doesn’t move at all.

My questions are. 1.- If i use the autozone Duralast sender and bridge the two terminals together to the single wire going to the needle, would i get a correct reader? Has anyone tried this? 2.- Why did the needle shot up like that? Is this behavior the result of putting it in the wrong sensor pin? 3.- Autozone definitely has the part completely mixed up, does anyone know where and how to find it for sure? Is there a part number? 4.- Is the connector to the sender (also different than the sensor next to it) compatible with other parts? Autozone wanted $60 just for the connector but I figured there has to be other parts that fit the same connector, does engine know which one are?
Thank you so very much in advance.

6BAFA965-8EC5-4296-9A61-61AEF0F120D1.jpeg 9AEAB40C-7965-4E6E-9C05-AC1E12B71BED.jpeg DC390A8B-3157-4E31-A5D4-C2ABEBB9B735.jpeg FEDFF078-D102-49F1-A094-12D8708AE75D.jpeg