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Gauges Ordered


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January 22, 2006
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Fort Myers,F.L./Fairfax,V.A
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'94 Explorer XLT 4x4
Well just got done purchasing some new white face gauges with blue illumination thanks to "V8RangerBoy".
I liked the way they looked on his truck so I just went ahead and ordered my own.
One of my lights is loose or blown behind the current stock gauges and cannot see how fast Im going:( at night (not good).
They were only $28 bones on ebay, so I hope these new ones work out fine.


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good time to replace that bulb.

it looks great!

were they $28 total or $28 + shipping?

I just purchased the same gauge faces :) My only question was the gear selector will still be the same ugly a$$ green correct? I also saw the AC white face.Am hesitating on that one until i figure out if its going to glow green or blue

where is the link to buy em?

Got em' in and installed, they look excellent!

They're $28 altogether including shipping.


once i start getting the money coming in again, gauges are one of the top things i'm getting.

Oh, yes its a must have if you own a 91-94

any pics of yours technine4?

Na, had to use my camera for a loan real quick im getttin it bacc tho soon,,
I have some pics of it tho from while ago, on this page, and myspace, its slow
to build sumthin on small budget

make sure to take some pics and post em when you get it back :P

when the time comes to switch my interior strobes from green to blue, i will be getting these gauges