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Gauging interest on SAS

Well, i put this in this forum because it seems best suited. im not trying to sell anything, just seeing what interest there are..
being in the hospital with my dad, i have a lot of free time and we have discussed many things.. one which would be me CAD drawing out and patenting a bolt on SAS kit for rangers and ex's..
you would have 2 options to buy.
either a bolt-on coil sprung axle swap kit
or a bolt-on leaf sprung SAS kit,
it would basically just take the time frame down on a SAS, makeing it more managable for the Weekend warrior/ DD rigs, providing you with all of the bracketry and instructions for the intial metal-fab part of the swap..
you would still have to supply your own axle and springs, everything else would be included in the kit.
as for cost, there is really not a whole lot put into a basic SAS if your not going extreme and just want the reliability and flex of a solid axle.
from material cost today and of course labor.
a leaf spring setup would run about $500 (would include info on what length springs u can run)
a coil setup would hit around the $700 mark because of more extensive design.
im just trying to see if this is a reasonable investment.
on a side-note, im working on the manufacturing of a wider-variety of tube and plate bumpers, sliders, and racks for these trucks.

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I think there would be a fair amount of interest not only on this forum but other RBV forums as well. Would you be making kits to cover all gen's of Explorer/Rangers or start out with one gen then develop the next one?
Also, would the coil version be a radius arm or some sort of linked set-up?

well, i would definatly start on the easiest an popular TTB models considering theres not extensive design and fabrication for a bolt on steering gear kit. but would for sure get moving on a kit for all year rbv's
i believe the best and flexiest version for the coil sprung set-up would definatly be a 2 link lower arm setup, with the 45 degree inverted upper mini arms, all hiem jointed. and a trac bar kit.

I would definitely be interested in one for the first generation Sport Trac/second generation Sport.

I have a D60/D70 in the garage but I'm intimidated by trying to do a linked setup, which I'm pretty set on (I don't really want leafs on the front), and the steering. More so the steering scares the crap out of me. No matter how much I read, I can't wrap my mind around what exactly I need and what will work best.

I've pretty much convinced myself that this is a project I'll need to take to a professional. I expect perfection out of projects like this and I know I can't achieve that.

I would focus on a 2nd gen SAS kit, since I'm, not aware of anyone that offers anything like that. Since on 1st Gens TTB setup James Duff already makes a swap kit. I bought my track bar mount that bolts on from them. My coil towers bolted on from them and allowed use of EB coils, now where you might find more demand would be a spring sas kit for 1st Gens, that would be good for guys wanting to keep cost low and the build simple. Make it to where you can use a readily available spring. Maybe like explorer rear springs on front. I've heard of people doing that.

You can use my first gen for a model :) Bumpers, sliders, SAS, etc

sounds good to me... i need a good platform to start with

I am interested to see what you come up with I am in the full on research, measure, research, measure phase.

Theres always interest.