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Gear help ASAP


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February 8, 2013
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1994 Ford Explorer XLT
Okay so i had 3.27s in my stock ford 8.8 axle and stock dana 35 ttb. Anyways i bought gears for it (yukon) 4.56s and i had a buddie install them i also bought with it a bearing install kit for both front and rear axles. But after the install it does not feel right.... the front whines almost in the hubs and above 35 mph the rear differential vibrates like crazy when on gas. Also it does not feel like there is more power compared to the 3.27 to 4.56. any answers.....

Also i thought is it he put not enough shims on or to many and if its making contact weird i haven't checked it out yet myself

You have a few things to think of.. So I'm just going to toss out a bunch of info that may help you issolate where the issue is..

1st, the gears in the front diff should NOT be turning unless your in 4x4.

If the front gears are actually turning and your not in 4x4 then you have hubs that are engaged. If you pack the automatic hubs with grease they will engage when the should not. They should be cleaned inside and then just put ATF in them to lube them.

If you have bad u-joints on the front axle shafts they can make things shake etc when they are engaged. (manual hubs engaged or stuck engaged automatic hubs)

Did you take a picture of the wear pattern on the gears? If so, post 'em.. if you don't have the wear pattern right you will at minimum get noise.. at the most, thing go kaboom..

Another thought.. gonig from 3.27 to 4.56 AND keeping the tires the same should be a world of difference in acceleration.. and unless you changed your speedomter driven gear your speedo should be almost 40% off.

Hopefully that helps point you in the right direction so you can give us more info and we can help..


I narrowed it down to the front but i still don't know whats going on there so im going to check the gear pattern myself and will post pictures will any paint work for checking this also im going to check backlash and if i needed more shims where could i find them local differential shops. Also how do i know what specs my backlash should be im 15 and i think i can do it haha i saw on Creagers forum it should be within 0.008 or 0.010 max 0.015. It still whines in the front like almost a hub problem but when you give it more gas it gets louder. Any thoughts