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Gear indicator in gauge cluster stuck


November 11, 2006
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2002 eddie bauer
My gear indicator that tells you what gear you are in is stuck. The little needle stays in drive and wont go to P,R or N. The transmission does actually go into the gears it just does not indicate it in the gauge cluster. Now I just failed inspection because of it. Has anyone experienced this? If so was it expensive or an easy fix? Thanks for the help in advance.

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there is a small cable that moves the needle
Its probably broken or let go.

Take a look at this thread of changing the cluster for a mountaineer one (white gauges)

picture 12 and 14
you'll see the small cable that moves the needle
you'll have to take your cluster/dash apart to see it.

sounds like your shifter cable is ok though since the trans does actually change.
My shifter cable broke after Ford had the trans out for a pump seal.
They tried to charge me $450. I fought back because I claimed they broke it when they disconnected it from the trans. They didn't argue and removed it from my bill.

Thanks. Ill have to give it a look. If the needle is the problem I wonder if the dealership will even sell just the selector piece or probably make me buy the whole gauge setup. I think when I shift past D it moves fine to the lower gears. That is telling me there is still some connection to it.

If it turns out you do need the whole cluster, watch ebay and find one from the same year. Explorer cluster will be about $50 for the whole thing including the needle. Dont worry about the mileage of the cluster as yours is held in the computer not the cluster. so what ever cluster you put in should show correct mileage.

you could do a mountaineer cluster for the white gauges but some of the warning lights dont match up.

cheapest and easiest route is a used X cluster.

thats a good point. I will have to keep my eye out on ebay.

The indicator cable is seperate from the cluster--You can remove the cluster without removing the cable + indicator--

Since it's stuck on D and you said it moves a to the lower gears i think the shift needle cable is just lose. Look at the 11 pic in the link Curtis gave you . You see the big wight block thing and that lil black gear looking thing. Well that thing tightens the lil copper wire looking thing that moves the needle. Take the cluster and stuff off till you can get to it then just turn it a few time till tit points to the P.

Hey yaa'll, just did a search and ended up here. Just got back truck w/ rebuilt trans. - (indicator has been broken for many years -no P, R N) and it was shifting terribly. Just writing to tell you all that the indicator not going to park (and noticing slack in the cable) but still going to lower forward gears is a mechanical bind between the indicator base and the slide. The spring is not strong enough to overcome the bind. Some 2000 paper lightly on both sides and some silicon lube spray solves the problem! Don't even have to pull the center bezel, the indicator assy will unclip out before that. Later. :chug: