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Gear install!


the original tramp
February 6, 2000
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Fort Myers, FL
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'99 Explorer EB
Finally - after 4 build-ups and teardowns, I have good numbers and patterns on the 8.8" I am building. I'll have a complete write-up in a week or so (after I put it on the truck and do a test run).

I set backlash tight at .005". After asking a bunch of questions, I found this is a good setting for playing in the mud. The drive and coast patterns seem to be dead on. I needed different pinion shims as well as carrier shims than the stock ones, but that's ok. This could all change after the cheater pinion bearing is removed and the new one is pressed on. Also - the crush sleeve on the pinion could cause problems, but other than that - the setup is done. Pics and more to follow...