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Gear Patteren Advice!!!!


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April 13, 2011
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2002 sport
OK!! I started setting up my gears yesterday, its my first time so i wanted a little bit of advice to tell me if I'm on the right path. The gears are 5.13's and axle is a 79 Bronco Dana 44 HP. I've ran three patterns, here they are in order...

Coast Pattern #1

Drive Pattern #1

Coast Pattern #2

Drive Pattern #2

Coast Pattern #3

drive Pattern #3

I think that I'm almost there, tomorrow I am going to add maybe another .010 to bring the pinion up a bit more and see how that works

Also just wanted to check and make sure i got the dial indicator set up proper

Let me know what you guys think!!!!

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Pinion needs just a little bit more, might not need a whole .010. Whats your backlash set at?

I figured i would add the .010 see where it takes me and go from there. Since its my first gear set up i dont mind setting it up and taking it apart a couple more time then i have to because i want to see how moving shims affects the gear pattern.

Backlash is set at .007

Before you pull the pinion bearing off to re-shim it try backing off on the backlash. Try to get it between .008-10 and then re-do your pattern. I think the gears are just too tight to give a nice wide pattern on the teeth

Thanks!! I'll give it a try tomorrow..

Post more pictures with your changes in shims and patterns. Would be good for several others I'm sure to see what it does to the pattern as well.

Ok, I just went out and messed around with it a bit more. Started with keeping pinion depth the same at .066 and moving .002 from the NRG side to the RG side putting the Backlash at .008 which centered the pattern better from heel to toe. Here is the pics for that.

Coast Pattern #4

Drive Pattern #4

Then I added another .010 under the pinion to bring it up to .076. That put the Backlash at about .005 (too tight). Sooo then i moved .004 form the NRG side to the RG side and that put the BL at about .007 - .009. The pattern looked pretty good, here are the pics..

Coast #5 pinion depth .076 BL at .007-.009

Drive side #5

another pic of the drive side

So let me know what you guys think!!!:salute:

Run it! :smoke:


I think it looks great. Biggest part of the pattern that is important is that the pattern is centered from face to flank. There should be some clearance from the face and the pattern and there should be some clearance from the flank or root of the tooth.

It looks like your pattern does just that. It is less important about the pattern from heel to toe as long as it is centered from the face or top of the tooth to the bottom or flank/root of the tooth. Some gears are a pain in the rear and both coast and drive side wont be centered from heel to toe. Yours is and is what I always try to do. Back lash is set right to spec which is 6-10. Looks great! Set pinion preload, then add preload shims to the carrier and TQ caps to spec and you look set to me!

OOO Yaaa gigiti giggity goo...:bounce:

That's what i wanna hear boys!!!

:chug: thanks for the help!!!!