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gear ratio


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March 16, 2008
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Corvallis, OR
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'91 XL
i have a 91 X and im runnin 35" tires on it. What new gear ratio is best, or a link to a thread with good info on it. thanks

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4:88's. I have them in my 94 Explorer and love them......

thanks Tbars, where would the best place to get 4:56 gears for the 8.8, and dana 35? and how much is installation?

...I almost didn't see your question...When you edit your post with new info we don't get notified...;)

...There are several places to shop for pricing but I would say for example, try ...

..:scratch:...This is just a guess at the current prices but, the gears and master kit for each axle would run about $200-$250 each axle and to install will be about another $300 each axle...So figure about $1000 or more for both axles to have it done right...It's not cheap and you want to do it right and only one time...This price would be about the same for 4.10's thru 5.13 gears as long as you currently have at least 3.73 gears already if I remember correctly...

ive been wondering about that tbars.. you cant fit any low ratios 4.10-4.56-4.88 in a 3.27 carrier, can you? well i guess i'll be goin with junkyard axles then.

The D35 and 8.8 dont have carrier breaks so you can fit any gear ratio on a 3.27 carrier.

The D35 and 8.8 dont have carrier breaks so you can fit any gear ratio on a 3.27 carrier.

...Thanks for that info...I couldn't remember as my brain is full to it's limits..:confused:...The carrier breaks only apply to lockers IIRC... but I know when you order there is a break at 3.50 I think...:scratch: