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Gear setup questions


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October 11, 2004
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Can I get the pinion depth using the original/stock shim and add/subtract whats printed on the new pinion gear? The new gear (Motive) has “267” and another number that’s like “2.475” written on the top of the pinion gear.


My carrier bearing pre-load is .012? Do I distribute that to each side? Basically .006 to each side, then adjust to obtain correct backlash? So something like .008 on one side and .004 on another? Or do i put .012 on each side getting a total of .024?


When I crush the crush-sleeve on the final assembly, I torque the pinion nut to ~150 ftlbs, than I am supposed to turn the pinion with 20inlbs for pinion bearing preload? and if it turns with more then 20-30inlbs then my preload is off and i need an new crush sleeve?

I'm still unfamiliar with the numbers you have on the pinion gear, so I can't help you with that. If you've over tightened your pinion, you will need a new collapsable spacer. I don't understand what you mean about carrier bearing preload, backlash perhaps?? When you are changing a gearset, you'll probably need an assortment of side shims to get your backlash set right, because the new ring gear will not be the same thickness as the original, the carrier will have to be moved over a bit to the left or right. Sometimes you can get away with swapping the shims from the right to the left, depending on how lucky you are.

PM'ed you man

if anyone else can help...

i seem to have gotten the correct backlash. but its weird. it seems to change from .005 to .010

Like every other tooth that i check it seems to be like that, so im guessing its pretty close to specifcation and its time to move on!

.007 - .009 is what i want in backlash.

my pinion depth looks OK, it seemed a little towards the toe; i used the stock shim.

i need to get a picture of my pattern up here so yall can check it out and make sure i did it right haha.


My backlash was like .008, just perfect. I also used the stock shim
distribute load evenly on the carrier bearing, otherwise, it might have a chance of getting off a little. Just like half a crank at a time. That's what I did on mine, and it turned out just fine, and I have a good tooth pattern.
Hope that helps and you get your ex back together shortly