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Gear/transmission issues with 33s.


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April 24, 2009
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Castro Valley CA
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1993 Explorer Eddie Bauer
i have a 93 explorer eddie bauer, long travel 4wd front with dual rates and coil overs, and rear a leaf setup, fiberglass all around, my transission does not wanna stay shifted in overdrive when on the freeway, when i towed my fresstyle jet skiis on a trailer, roughly about maybe 1000 lbs it will lock in and give me the low rpms at freeway speeds, what are any solutions, have 3.73 gears in rear, had 4.88 and were way to high.

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welcome jexploder

trans/ gear issues with 33s

my transmission wont stay in overdrive or even shift into it with 3.73s and my 33s, what gear ratio is right for my truck any ideas, had 4.88s and were way to high, have long travel fiberglass and coil overs

...Their are gear charts if you click the "How To" found in my signature...;)

Welcome to this forum! I've moved your thread to the transmission section. You should replace the speedometer gear with the correct one to match the tire size. The VSS is probably not sending the correct information to the PCM.

I had 3.73's with 33, then went to 4.56 gears. It has quite a bit more low end torque than stock 3.73's and 235/75/r15's. If it isn't going to be an everyday high way driver and you want some serious torque to the wheels 4.88 would probably be better. 4.56 is almost an all around perfect gear for 33's imo. also when I had stock 3.73's and 33's mine would shift and hold in overdrive no sweat on the straight flat roads, so if yours won't hold overdrive at all you may have a transmission problem on your hands

Might need to adjust the bands, or perhaps something worse is wrong. The biggest issue is the gears, get at leat 4.10's, but I'm thinking 4.56 would be better. Even possibly 4.88, its up to you.