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Adam Foote

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December 9, 2001
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Katy, Texas
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92 XLT
Hey guys, i have a 92 exploder with a 5.5 inch superlift, and 33x12.50 swampers. what do you guys think about putting in 4.56 gears? any suggestions, i am also doing lockers in both axles, front dana 35 for now? any suggestions there? thanks

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With 33s and a 4.0L I think 4.56s may be a little too much unless you are wheeling a lot.

If you ever plan on going to 35s, I would suggest 4.56s, otherwise I would get 4.10s.

If you are doing gears, you might as well do lockers.

I would suggest full carrier replacement lockers if you can afford them. I've personally had BAD experiences with the lunchbox lockers (lock right, EZ locker, etc).

"i am also doing lockers in both axles, front dana 35 for now?"

I don't understand what you are saying here though. Are you saying you are only going to lock the front? Or to only put a locker in the front?

If you can only lock one axle, I would always suggest locking the rear first.

4:56's will be fine with 33's. i had 4:56's in a tahoe with 33x15.50 swampers and they did just fine. even on interstate @ 70+mph. dont go with the 4:10's, you may want to go 35's later. and also, the swampers are a TRUE 33 inches tall; most 35x12.50 radials are only 33 3/4 to 34 1/2 inches tall.

Go with the 4.56's. If you don't you'll wish you did! As for lockers, if you aren't planning to use a full-case locker the only way to go (IMHO) is with the Powertrax NoSlip. I wouldn't trade mine for anything.


how much did that cost? was that for front or rear?
thanks, happy wheelin!

I'm doing same thing as you, going up 5.5" and 33's. I'm also going to be installing 4.56's and a no-slip in the rear. Most people that have a no-slip have them in the rear.

You can usually find them for about 415 bucks (let me know if you can find cheaper). It's a bit expensive, but as many will tell you, it's well worth it. There are many people running no-slip's (HIX i believe, GJarrett, Perry to name a couple) and all have liked it as far as my thread reading goes...

Let us know what you end up doing...

Where is a good place I can get some 4.56s? I have been looking around and saw some stuff at 4 wheel wholesaler, anywhere else you guys recommend? Thanks