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GEM Module- advice needed/ update on screenwash


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November 17, 2006
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1999 Explorer
While I wait for my screenwash multi switch to arrive from USA on to another thing.

My local dealer recalled the Explorer for the cruise control modification. Apparently it's one of two components needed, they check it out, order it in and fix it. All went well. They've done 9 recently so they're all out there, somewhere.

While it was in I got them to check my control tac/4wd as I was convinced it was not working. I knew the 4lo light was not working.

They cleared a 4lo fault code and then thought it was the transfer case motor. They did not have one but I had a new (from Rock Auto) one in the boot. They went through a period of thinking that didn't work too. However after much scratching of heads, a faxed wiring diagram, and Ford Technical help, they concluded it is all down to the GEM (generic electronic module). The bad news was that the diagnostic time was twice what I had authorised but they only charged me up to the £380 I had authorised. The really bad news is that a GEM is £400+ and is not obtainable any longer (even if it ever was).

Ford tech support said forget it and leave it in auto but I am not convinced that power transfers back to front as it should and while there's no mention of GEM's here the USA sites explore this in some detail and the drumming I have at around 2300 rpm could also be linked so could the overdrive button not working be a GEM issue (with all of this it's amazing it drives so well).

The questions are:-
Has anyone replaced theirs?
Does any of this sound familiar, and can the GEM be swapped over without another trip to the dealer to flash/programme. The dealer says no , but I don't think they're too sure

Even if they can be swopped it leaves the problem of getting one. The breakers on E-Bay appear not to have or don't know what it is (it lives to the left of the inside of the stereo hole). Does anyone have one spare or know where I can get one ?

I'm reluctant to get one from USA as I suspect the GEMs are option specific as they control lots of functions including lighting/wipers etc.

Any help, as always appreciated


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May 17, 2002
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That sucks m8. The only thing is I was under the impression that the control track unit was in the rear forward of the opening for the jack etc. If so it has a reset button on it, which might be worth a try. As you have found out the Ford dealers here know very little about the explorer and are a lot in the dark when it comes to fault finding. Do a search on here and see what you find. It may have nothing to do with the gem at all, assuming that you've checked all the fuses and relays. But then again I could be wrong. :D