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Gem module programing


December 17, 2010
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New Jersey
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96 explorer eddie bauer
Is it possible to program a Gem module that i got as a used part if i dont have the original gem module from the truck? checked on motorcraft and they dont have anything prior to a 1999. it turns out that the gem module is not outputing power neither was the original one so i trashed it not knowing. the only thing that doesnt work is the 4x4 motor. is it possible to hard wire the 4x4 motor straight to a power source and add a toggle switch under the dash?

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haven't actually looked at the circuit...BUT in general, the GEM DOES NOT output power (ie. voltage), it switches grounds in for a circuit to cause operation. I would suggest a meter to check things out instead of swapping parts.

I'm stripping a '96 4.0l 4x4 this weekend. I havent gotten to the interior yet, but I should have it out tomorrow. Let me know if you need the Gem out of it.

my problem is the 4x4 motor gets its power from the gem module buts its not getting any it possible to wire the 4x4 motor straight to the battery with a switch inside the truck so when i switch to 4wd i can just hit the toggle for the motor too

snoranger....let me know about the gem i'll take it and if the transfer case is good and is a controltrac 4405 i could use that too cause mine is locked up i dont know why so im just gonna swap it

The truck I'm stripping has 114K miles on it. It was bought brand new by my uncle for his wife. She is the only one who ever drove, other then my grandparents used it for a week when someone hit their Villager. She said she used 4wd less then 10 times in its entire life, she's afraid to drive in snow. I tested it and everything works perfect (2wd, 4wd auto, and 4 low).

$200 will get you both the T-case and the GEM. I'll have it out this weekend.

hey so whats the deal with that transfer case and gem? let me know is it a 96 4.0L 6 with controltrac 4wd preferably eddiebaur

Its a 4405 from a '96 4.0l. Its exactly the same T-case you have now.

The Gem is the exact same Gem that came in your truck from the factory. Eddie Bauer Edition doesnt make any difference.

I'm working on posting some pics of the truck.

Heres some pics of the truck. As you can see the truck was taken care of. i test the 4wd, and it worked perfect. (on a side note, the truck is completely stripped now, if anyone is interested, I have every part removed and ready to be sold. I'll be posting it in the classifieds soon.)







I just ran outside and got you some pics of the T-case. It's easy without that pesky body in the way. (someone let me know if the pics work. Last time I tried, I could see the pics, but no one else could.)




I work in Perth Amboy. It would be closer for to pick them up there, and thats where they are anyway.

I had a friend that changed his and he had to have his programmed at the Ford garage....

I had a friend that changed his and he had to have his programmed at the Ford garage....

The he only reason I could see needing to get the Gem reprogrammed is if your truck has PATS. The Ex didnt use PATS till 98.

snoranger...well email me your number and we can set this up

jremington59...yea i know i wish i had a new generation star scan tool to do it myself. i have a ford dealer service cd so it wouldnt be to hard just dont have that expensive as tool probably is worth every penny though would never have to show face at the dealer

He had to have his programmed because of diff options then what the one he got it from had. Do they all need reprogramming going from one vehicle to another?

The only time it would need to be programmed is if you used a different year. I have swapped GEMs in my 99 several times and have never needed programming. Even the pats is ok if the year is the same. The pats is controlled by its own module, so if the year is the same they interface fine.