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GEM wire harness


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July 29, 2015
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Riverside, CA
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96 Explorer XLT 4.0 OHV
I've been having problems with my windshield wipers and narrowed it down to the GEM. I have an OBD2 adapter using the Forscan app in which there is a test for the GEM. Wipers will work during the test, along with the washer. I installed a new multi-function switch after testing it, all ohms were good, but I am not getting signal from switch to GEM. I have continuity from switch to where wire plugs into harness but no continuity to where the GEM plugs into it.
Any ideas on how , what or can, I fix this? Other than getting another harness and splicing ALL the wires (26).

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is there any way you could just solder in a new wire to replace the bad one ??? Doing all 26 would be a major PITA . Keep me informed on your progress I will try to help all i can .

Sometimes automotive connectors have a tab of some sort that can be manipulated to pull the pins out of the connector. I would see if that can be done to better inspect and possibly clean the contact IF needed. It might be easier to warm the connector with a hair dryer first, old plastic can get brittle but soften when heated up.

Otherwise, what gmbroy wrote, try splicing in a new piece of wire just for this one wire.


I don't think it is the wire itself but the connector inside the harness. I get continuity from the switch to the connector in the harness, (I back probed the wire). It seems that the connector is not making contact with the pin coming from the GEM.
I have tried to pull the offending wire from the harness with no luck. There is a little side panel that unlocks the wires if you pull it out, (I think that is how it works), and a "safety tab" on the connector that I can not seem to push in. I have been using a safety pin and a very small eye-glass screwdriver, but the hole is pretty darn small.

I don't know if pictures would help or not but another thing you might try is taking some spray electrical contact cleaner and cleaning both the GEM pin and the mating harness connector pin.

You can also see if a multimeter has continuity between that pin in the connector at the GEM end, and the other end of the harness at the switch just to double check this far. If the connector contact looks deformed you might be able to slide a tiny piece of copper wire in, flattened with a hammer, as a shim to take up the slack, or take the safety pin and scrape at the sides of the mating surfaces of the GEM and connector contacts in case they're dirty or corroded more than contact cleaner alone will get off.

Then there's the other thought, if the wire and connector are fine but the open circuit is inside the GEM. Can you get it open and check for continuity between the back side of that pin and back probing into the harness connector when it's plugged in?