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Gen 1 Class 3 Receiver Hitch installed

I installed it last night. It looks awsome and was very easy to install. I installed the Hidden Hitch from Part number 70647. I also used there plug and play wireing harness.
The install was easy. I did have to drill a hole on the bottom of the frame for each frame rail. Wasent bad though since there was one other hole on each frame rail to attach the hitch too frist then I just drilled. Looks awsome. I will try to get a picture and post it. It is very clean looking, hidden very well. lol. Anyways just wanted to fill u all in. is a very good site and I would reccomend them to everyone, fast shipping too.


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September 16, 2006
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Explorer 97XL
if you intend to pull anything heavy or long distances, put in a aux transmission cooler.

I pulled my boat for 1 summer without one, could have been a major mistake.