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Gen2 10 stealthish sub woofer


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May 13, 2009
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Los Angeles, CA
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1997 Monsterneer
I wanted to build a 10" sub cabinet that would be out of the way so that I didn't have to deal with the sub woofer taking up room. When I started asking questions about this in this thread:

One of the responders posted up a build instruction sheet he had ran across:

I followed thoes instructions and got most of the way thru building a sub enclosure that was relitivly close to thoes plans and then decided to revise the design a bit. Here is what the result of that was:









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I ended up using this sub woofer:

I tested this in my Monsterneer using this aplifier:

After getting it all tuned up it was not what I had grown use to from the 12" sub I had been using floating around in the back so I installed this in my wifes Explorer with this amplifier driving it:

All if the installation pictures are of her Explorer. Next stop 12 inch not so stealth, but still out of the way sub woofer! :

I can say that after using this in my wife's Explorer for a couple weeks it does perform well. The primary limitation is probably her head unit. Very little in the way of Sub controls so I had to do all the adjusting in the amplifier. It doesn't help that her head unit also is not the cleanest output. Still definatly worth it and she feels good that I lent her Explorer a little love ;)

The sub hits hard on the rock songs and plays my sons club type music pretty well.

Here are some pictures of the first one I built:





You can see that this version of the cabinet has a rather large bit of unused space over the wheelwell. That's what drove me to build the second one from my own design.

I ended up using the cover for this one as the insert for the next one because I wanted the cover for my final box to have a little bit more meat around the flange that the insert glues to.

I ended up building this "Zacks" enclosure with the insert. I figured I was so close, why not. I used the insert I created for my enclosure as a template for the insert I ended up using on this enclosure. I made a new cover using the insert from my enclosure also. It has a slightly smaller voulme to my enclosure, but still very near the optimal volume for the Sub I selected. I'll probably end up selling that enclosure since I have no use for it.

Damn, looks good.

Now make me one and ship it for free~ :D

Hear are some pics of the 10" enclosure sitting in my Mountaineer. If you notice the duct tape on the floor, that is the outline for my 12" cabinet: