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Gen4 Fabtech steering dual damper mode


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April 14, 2020
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Ford Explorer 2007 XLT
Hi all

Now after 2.5 inch lift installed getting some little shimmy after 80mph (running on stock 17in tyres and offset KMC rims)

Decided to look for f150 steering dampers modification for 4gen X.
Ordered damper kit Fabtech fts8009 (yea i know about fabtech low quality reviews-but i will handle it...)from Carid.

Looks like ill need do produce,weld or modify fabtech chassis mount bracket(Explorer Gen 4 steering rack mount dont have any holes or extra mounts like F150 has).i am planning to use extra thread on front lower control arm M20 bushing bolt for this issue so...

The main idea is to install chassis damper bracket between front lower control arm washer and his M20 nut (cause of extra threads).

Also looks like tie rod fabtech mount needs to be cutted a bit.

Any suggestions guys?

I will post here all of the modification process info after damper kit will arrive.

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i have never seen steering dampers used on IFS (but honestly have never looked)..... what year f-150 did you order the fabtech damper for?
Dampers are mostly used on Solid Axle vehicles.

You have other problems and a steering damper is not going to fix it. Id have another look under your truck and try and find what the route cause of the problem is. Im running a 3" lift and at 80 my truck is nice and smooth.

edit... just looked on the fabtech site and do see they have a IFS damper kit for an F150... weird.

I ran a 6" Fabtech lift on my 05 F150 with 35s for years..... never had a need for steering damping ever. That truck was fantastic on the road and i drove it from Maine to Keywest.


you also have never seen this kind of lift spacers.not the same like yours i believe .and that the only ones allowed in Israel for gen4 lifting.

now when all the kit components arrived.
I will need to buy some dia 20mm drill bit for original kit brackets mode



Today finally started fitting the whole kit.

In general the only problem is driver side but fabtech shock fits perfectly including extra space for arms articulation.

Steering rod bracket needs to be shortened and rack side bracket will be made from zero.

Steering damper rod lenght fully extended :200mm and 100mm when half extended ( wheels straight position approx).

I will modify the inner steering damper mount for slight rotation capabilty (instead of f150 fixed brackets).

Cause of very long bolt thread ,

Inner bracket planned to be seated behind lower control arm M20 nut:


Welded some prototype inner bracket with floating damper mount .the big 20mm hole will be mounted behind front control arm nut.

Steering tie rod bracket shortened to fit Gen4 suspension :

Previous steering rod design totally failed because of cracked cv joint boot.
Steering rod bracket changed to the one that seating behind shock absorber.made of 5mm sheet metal and welded to increase moment of inertia.