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General AT2 tires?


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May 7, 2001
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2002 XLT 2WD
Been looking at these more and more- BFGs have gone thru the roof price wise in last year. is cheapest on the 265/75/16 sizing.

they seem ultra similar on tread design to BFG and the tire warranty is much better.

Anyone on the list running these?

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I ordered some for my trac, unfortunatly they are close to the same price as the BFG,s when you get into the 18", but they had the right size. The reviews look good, heres a could I found.

Lots more out there as well if you google it, most seem very favorable.

Me!!!!! i love them cant stress how good they are in the snow and rain.. and they look awesome, heres some pics...




I love mine, got them one size taller than stock, didn't really affect milage and now my speedo is correct. They are pretty quiet, ride/handle nice. They do really well in the rain also. Great off road if you do that. No problems with them, even when I tow.

I would definitely buy them again.

I have the Grabber AT2s for my 02 Ex. I have the 265-70-16 and i have put about 1,500 miles on them. They are the BEST tire i have ever purchased and perform outstanding. They have great tread life, run amazing in snow and are very quiet on the road. I got mine installed, mounted and balanced for $590 and they are worth every penny.

I have had mine for maybe 1000 miles but have driven them in the snow and they handle fine. A little more tire noise than the Destination LE's but the AT2's are an All-Terrain tire so it comes with the territory. I plan on finding some trails and see how they do off the pavement. Maybe sling a lil mud around haha.

thanks guys-they look good mounted up on your X's

Im gonna order a set. The red sidewall DOT race tires are about $80 more a tire and I hear they have a softer compound(no bueno on daily driver) so im gonna go with the AT2


I have the at2s and everything what these guys say is true. They are great in snow. I have taken them off the pavement a few times and they did great as well. I have them in 33X12.50R15 on my 2nd gen and my dad has them in 35X12.50R15 on his F150.