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general transmission water related question


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October 20, 2018
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99 EB Explorer AW/4WD
I have a transmission that was supposed to be a good tranny/possibly rebuilt that my neighbor was going to put in his Explorer. Unfortunately, he and his wife died before he got it put in. The trans sat in the open for quite a while, and got rained on quite a bit. it had a lot of water in it when I got it. I now need to put it in my Explorer.
The question is, what is the best way to get any remaining water out of this? I have had it sitting in the tail shaft for a couple of days and It is no longer draining anything out of it.
Thanks in advance.

The best way? Rebuild it.

I’d put it inside, pull the pan and VB and all the servos/accumulators. Pull the converter. Get the fluid out of everything. Let it dry out for a good while.

Putting it under an infrared lamp/heater would help too.

Water in automatic is a no no

Just a teaspoon can kill your trans

The glue that holds the friction material to the band is soluble in water it will come apart in short
Amount of time

I would not install a auto trans that had any water in it