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get a different amp????


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April 3, 2003
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Right now I have 2 12" 6000A mtx subs. They can handle 250 watts rms each. Here is my question.....

I have a 2150x MTX amp right now. I believe it puts out about 75X2 at 12.5VDC RMS, and 150 at 14.4VDC RMS and bridged it's somewhere around 450 RMS. This is what I have found in the internet but I bought it used a while ago and not sure what the actual specs are on this amp?? Anybody have any definite answers?? I just have a my stock electrical system so am I running at 12.5 or 14.4 volts???

OR, should I go with a rockford fosgate 500.2. This puts out RMS Power 4 Ohms: 125 x 2, RMS Power 2 Ohms: 250 x 2, RMS Power 4 Ohms Bridged: 500 x 1.

Will I notice a difference in these two amps if I switch to the rf 500.2? I can get a pretty good deal on it but don't know if it is worth it?

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500.2 will be far better, but you will have to be careful with those subs and a 500.2. i don't know how good of a deal you can get, but i have one that i might sell you as well (its birth sheet says 671 rms into two channels)

also, your truck is probably running at just over 14 volts.

This amp(500.2) is a little better than I thought! I would like to get this amp, but does anybody have any other ideas of a "perfect amp" for these subs, or is mine pushing my subs to their limits?

expo5.0, I pm'd you.

ma audio hk 797 or m1883i

expo5.0, you possibly selling your amp?

Does anybody else have any ideas on my amp? I used to have 3 10's mtx that had 700 watts of rms power. I was only using this amp for them (mtx 2150x), so obviously I was way underpowering them. I ended up selling that thing and getting 2 12" mtx 6000's and using this amp(mtx 2150x) for these. The subs are 250rms each. I want it loud and to boom. It is pretty loud now, but I think it could go louder?

Or am I about at the max for these subs? Or do what I mentioned before and get a new amp that is bigger?

Thanks everyone!

howd you have em wired??

Here is how I have the 12" mtx's I believe. I had the store wire them in the box for me where I purchased them. They are 4 ohm dual voice coil subs and I believe they are wired for 4 ohm and each is bridged to the amp if that makes sense? One speaker is bridged to the amp and the other speaker is bridged to that same amp.

The 3 10's I used to have were wired up to a 4 ohm load and then bridged to my amp.

I was looking at this amp on
REM2400 Amplifier - 200x2 @ 4ohm - 800 watts RMS total More Information. It is on sale for $199.99! That is a great price. I heard these are pretty good amps?? This amp should push my subs more than my current amp? I know this one is 800 watts rms bridged and my current one is about 450 rms bridged so obviously more watts = more power. But would it be worth it to change amps for these subs or just get a new amp and new subs and sell what I got now?