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Gettin HIDs... need ideas/suggestions...

Alright guys... I need some ideas for HIDs... We're talkin brand names, headlight assemblies, etc... I know little to nothing about installing an aftermarket HID kit. I want a very bright blue, not bright white(more like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Lexus). I have a few questions:

1) Will I have to replace my headlight assembly?
2) Are there any downsides to HIDs (other than having no high beam, which I REALLY don't care about)??
3) What is the average running price of an HID kit for the Explorer??

PS: I don't mind a little custom fab. Notice I said a little.

So let's hear it...:confused:

1.No, but you SHOULD replace them with new ones because it's a 95 and most 95's I've seen have nasty looking lenses.

2.They are illegal to have, and your stock lenses don't really take advantage of their light output.

3.I have seen some for as cheap as 400 a pair and as expensive as 1200 a pair.

How about the one that "troll" makes/supplies from his site ??? I should probably shoot him an e-mail or something and ask. I honestly do not care if they're illegal as I have blue Xenons in my truck right now and have not gotten pulled over once. I think the cops may finally have gotten the idea that it REALLY DOESN'T FREAKIN MATTER!! At least I hope so. Anyways, I was thinking about getting the lenses I have now replaced anyways, but my uncle (owns a service station, etc) says that he can do one helluva job on them and make them clearer than the day the the truck rolled off the assembly line (wet sanding, cleaning, etc)...

Anyways... who has HIDs and where'd you get yours?? What would be a good kit to achieve a nice, rich, bright blue light???

Let me know guys... I'm trying to do this project within the next week or so maybe...


I have a set of Phillips HID's and love them. I know your housing is different but what I've seen they are worth it. Like night and day! You shouldn't have to spend over $500 for them. Let me know if I can assist you further.


Look at this close up, I got the camera right in a blue glint!