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Getting new bumper made in a few weeks...:)


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June 1, 2006
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Greenville, NC
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'95 XLT
Ok, talked to the local welding shop and said i was going to email him my design...


the basic structure of the bumper


the guard for the headlights and grill...(must have for this city lol)

the red arrow in the 1st pic is the receiver i'm going to have this question whats the best way to form a structure for it within the bumper it self ...also the bumper will be welded to the frame mounts at the shop...

the black arrow in the 1st pic are going to be welded d-rings...

finally been a long time but i get to have this as i'm going to have a lil extra cash to play with :)

also remounting the the location of where the rectangles are in the first therefore my new fog valance and my old non fog valance and brackets and also that little piece that hangs down will be for sale when i get this finish's probably going on in like a month or two...possibly before my birthday which is june 14th a little present to myself i guess you could say...but just looking for whoever might like the bumper...

its a good thing but seriously what have you guys done to me lol :) will it ever end?

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how much are they gioing to charge you and we need pics when it is done

around 300 and some change i think is what he said..haven't emailed the pics yet to him...but what ya think about the design? i'm having it welded to the box end mounts were the original bumper mounts too...

looks good cant wait to see it on keep us posted

keep us posted and post pics of it instaled when u get it

ok he called me back were still ago like i told him i want it welded to the box frame front mounts and said he can do will most likely be end of july/early aug. before this gets done as i have to sell a few things...will keep updates for u guys