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Getting New Rims

Well, I just came back from ordering my new wheels!They're Emo 303s and wow are they shiny!!:D Got them in 15X8, triple plated chrome for $100 a wheel. I can't wait till they get in! Check out a pic of them on my website!
Their website is

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Here's a pic of them:

They're suposed to be in tomorrow, but that could change of course. I'm excited, I can't wait!

Those are nice, they remind me of the Eddie Baur 3 spoke rims.

That looks good. It has the design to go with oversized balloon tires. $100 per piece is a very good buy.

Very nice!!!

Well, they didn't have time yesterday to do it. They were "having trouble putting a 5 inch exhaust on a diesel". So I'm leaving it there all day today while I'm at work. So that should give them enough time to do it. After they told me they were booked until next week. I'll tell you this! They had bite marks on thier had after I chewed them out!!:D

Please excuse the water and dirt. We just went through severe storms.


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:D :D


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Originally posted by X-factor
That looks good. It has the design to go with oversized balloon tires.

I guess you didn't go with the oversized (balloon-side wall) tire set up.;)

No, I stuck w/my good 30s:) I'm getting my old 235s mounted on my old rims for the winter months. Gotta keep them looking good!

Looks good. Those tires have got some mean teeth on them! Are they noisy on the highway?

They're not real bad. Closer you are to getting them rotated the noisier they are. But for the most part they have a little hum to them. Louder than an all-season tire, but much, much quieter than a mud tire.

Well, I have to get one new rim. Drivers side front one's finish is messed up, it has 1 inch long, evenly spaced dings and a mark by the valve stem that won't come off. So I'm gonna put the 2 year warranty to the test! Shouldn't have a problem considering that they're less than a week old with less than 150 miles on them.