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Getting power/ signal to an Amp

C5 Greg

November 24, 2001
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Millstone, NJ
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Hi All,

I am getting ready to put a mild system in my XLT. I am going with a 5 ch amp wich will be mounted on the cover behind the rear seats that flips down to hide the opening in the floor when you fold down the seats.

My questions are, what is the best ways to run:

1. Power wire from the batt. to the amp.

2. Signal from behind the head unit to the amp.

3. New speaker wire from the amp to the doors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also, does any one have a suggestion fo other mounting spots for an amp? These 5ch amps are huge. I wanted to put them inside the rear fender covers where the stock amp and subs go, but it won't fit....on either side.


if you are not sending more than 50 watts to the doors, you should be able to use the existing speaker wires, just run them under some carpet and the center console to just behind the head unit.

You can run the power wire from the battery to the amp through the firewall on the driver's side. I already had some existing wires there, so all I had to do was push it through. After that, you can take the striped looking panel off where you step into the truck, tuck the wire under there, and it'll run all the way to the amp.

You can run a wire straight from the amp to the back of the hu any way you want that keeps it out of sight. I think I ran mine on the other side of the truck than my power cable. You shouldn't run the power cables and the rca cables next to each other or you'll get interference.