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Getting the run-around, need some advice


October 26, 1999
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94 Explorer
alright, i know this is a very popular topic, but i dont have the patience to search for what i am looking for and would rather ask a few questions. 1) i bought a set of BDS leveling coils from a friend that were off a 93 or 94 mazda 4x4 pick-up. a worker at the off road shop in town confirmed my belief that my 94 xlt and this truck share the same front end and that these coils would fit, raising my front end 1-2 in. he also said he would install them when i decided how i would level the rear. he has since left and the new owner (CRAZY old man) won't deal with me because they arent Ford parts. will these coils fit and be safe? now, assuming both answers are yes, is anyone using the 8.5" in warrior shackles on a 91-94 explorer? i know it has been said here before the only difference from the 91-94's and 95-on is the length of the stock shackle, and that they will in fact fit. if this is true, why does warrior only market a 1.25" in. lift shackle for 96-on, and not a 1.5" in. lift shackle for the early models? it seems they could only make that much more money by selling the same part for two different apps. i would really like to hear a definite, "yes tom, i have them and they fit and function perfectly!" if the front coils wont work, feel free to refer me to your friends with mazda pick-ups, as i will be looking to sell my nice set of matching book-ends or paper weights. thanks for taking the time to read this novel and any help you can provide

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"yes tom, i have them and they fit and function perfectly!" ... that is the Warrior Shackles. We have a 1992 XLT 4x4 with a James Duff 2.5" lift.. which comes with 7.5" long shackles that have been replaced with 8.5" warrior product shackles. They fit great and work great also.

I take it this "Crazy old man" does not deal with any lifts at all. In that case I would take my business elseware since Ford does not make lifts and if he will only work on a vehicle with genuine Ford parts then he might as well be a Ford dealer.. and I say leave him alone and find a shop that know what they are doing and don't just say "it has the wrong name on it"...

Ok.. enough ranting... The 8.5" shackle from Warrior works great on a 1992 XLT and keep in mind the orig shackle was 5.5" long.. that means it is 1.5" lift.. and If I remember correctly the 95+ had a longer shackle to start which would explain why the lift is different for those years..

thanks a lot mark, the old man deals in lifts, but because the coils were from a mazda, he won't help me out. i really dont trust his work anyway, the original owner was much more helpful. it is a shame he left. anyways, thanks for the good news, now can anyone else answer my ? about the front end?


I would like to say yes but.... It is true that Mazda, and Ford pickups and Explorers of those years share a big resemblance of parts and design. A good safe assesment will be to measure the outside diameter of the springs, to ensure they fit the top perch and do the same for the bottom as far where the spring bolts in to the axle. Also look at the thickness of the springs, it should be about the same if not thicker. Finally if you are looking for lift... Once you have raised your vehicle and removed your tires, measure the springs at their natural decompresed state. If their height exceeds that of the ones you are about to install you will not achieve the desired effect. Good luck!

Front end the same?

Hey Tom, the answer to your question is an emphatic YES. The Explorer, the Navajo AND the Ranger & 94 & newer Mazda
all share the exact same front end. The differences in the two makes are only cosmetic, grill, fenders,etc...