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getting thru college


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January 25, 2006
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Toledo, Ohio
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After researching a SAS, ive decide to put that plan on hold. I don' think I can wait that long at the moment to get out wheelin! i have planned on purchasing a 6 inch lift. I want your opinion on this setup. this lift comes with:
new coil springs
axle pivot and radius arm drop brackets
drop pitman arm
front and rear shocks
steering stabilizer
radius arm and axle pivot bushings
extended radius arms
rear axle flip kit
It even comes with the extended SS brake lines. I also wanted to put a 3 inch body lift on it. I figured on buying a master bushing kit to replace all the bushings with new polyurethane ones while i have it apart. I hope to fit 35s with this setup. how does this sound? What gears do you think would be best with the stock 4.0/a4ld/manual t-case(after swap) and 35s? I have read that these drop brackets dont last much longer than a tank of gas but have the ability to reinforce them for now. this would not be a permanent setup. I want to do a D44/F9 swap once out of college. any experience with this setup? Maybe pics of what it would look like. thanks-tom :cool:

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You don't need radius arm drop brackets if you're getting extended radius arms. You'll probably have some problems with the front axle with those 35s if you aren't careful. Definitely upgrade to Warn manual hubs for those 35s. I'd personally go with 4.88s for that setup.

I was planning on the manual hubs but what can i do to strengthen the axle? Off road magazine is doing a project on a ranger with a ttb 35 and they changed it to f150 spindles. it was a project and a half tho. it still may be something to try. what about ujoint? are their any better ones that fir these shafts?

I also didnt want to wait for a SAS so i just did the 6" superlift and I am regretting it every day im not solid. :mad: I say just wait it out and save the money from the lift and go solid when you get the chance. For now just find an axle and start building it up, its definatly what I should of done. Then you can run 35's no worries, and you will feel a huge difference. The superlift springs are terribly stiff, so they dont flex much, a nice coil or leaf sprung SAS will kick a 5.5" superlifts ass any day. Its worth the wait, and the saved money.

keep the ttb and lift it! ive done so much research on it in the past week, i dont know why id never want to go solid, you can make the ttb flex just as good, and have a good ride, and gear it and put a locker on it for the price of a sas

In offcamber situations the ttb sucks. The problem is "jacking" it happen when the side with the least pressrue pushes the truck up and possibly over. another problem with the ttb is that it doesn't transmit leverage from one side to the other NEARLY as well as a solid. Ifyou in the desert then the ttb works great. If it's general trails/crawlin...the solid beats the ttb in every way.

I know that 410 and some others have had great sucess with their ttbs...for the money though i'd go with a solid every time though

i've put less in my SAS (only around 750 bucks) than a ttb ift kit for the same height and all i have left to get is a few rebuild parts like ball joints and bearings, adn tires ;) . Flex is only one part of the whole offroading many factors contribute..flex is only one fairly small part.

I completely agree that building the TTB can be about as cheap as an SAS. Something that no one ever mentions though is STRENGTH. You may have the same amount of $$ in your TTB as an SAS, but you still only have a 35 compared to a 44, etc. Plus, you'd have to swap out a bunch of stuff on the outer to make it have some decent hubs too. ;)

yea thats the best thing about swapin in a d44 is you can run 39's and the ttb can only handle 35's sometimes 37's

Well, I'll keep all that in mind but I think i've got my mind set on the ttb still. I want to experiment on it and see what it can handle for myself, not that I dont trust you guys, but I learn more by trying. ;)

I know i will have to reinforce whatever I can but you mentioned strength with the d35. The biggest I plan on going with this setup is a 35. So with that in mind, what can I do to strengthen the axle. I read some d44 stuff will work but id have to modify the ball joints and tie rods. Are there stronger shafts? what u-joints will swap in place of the stock ones? Manual hubs is already on the list.

I really appreciate all your help being fairly new to the sport. Please feel free to give your honest opinions. The reasons I want to keep the TTB is because I dont have the room and equipment(let alone the money) to do a swap. I wnat to keep my modifications to grinding and welding. Also because I want to have this done by the time I graduate(8-07) so I can laugh at all the guys in full sizes that I leave behind. :burnout:

I know im nagging, but I dont want people to make the same misake I did. SAS soust about the same as a superlift, with less worries down the road with the problems with the TTB. Yes you can use the d44 outers, do a search there are plenty of good writeups. A sas can "essentially" be done with a grinder and welder, so your in luck. And if you start it now, it should be done by the time you graduate, unless your name is brian. :p