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Ghost in Driver window


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August 9, 2003
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Ludlow, Massachusetts
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'94 Sport
Hi guys,
Driver side power window goes down by itself. Kind of does it more when it's damp outside or I hit a bump. I can stop it from going down by keeping a finger on the up button on the pad. Sometimes it stops trying to go down, sometimes it only stops at the bottom. No motor grinding or trying to continue running. Thought it might be a wire short, because I can hear some 'buzzing' from time to time inside the door. But now I find the mirror adjust only works up & right (no down or left for either mirror). Now I'm wondering if the control pad is bad. Also the radio 'fades' out after a few minutes. Turn it off, wait a few, turns back on with no problem, only to fade again.
Don't know if all are a related problem, so I thought to add it all in here. Any help / direction?

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Cleaned the driver switch, still does it. Switched driver switch for passenger switch & still does it. Seems to be a short. Found the power mirror switch to be fried (disconnected it). Window still goes by itself. Is there a power box somewhere that all this goes to? There is some kind of box in the driver door.... not sure what it is for.


The box in the door might be the one touch down module.It sounds like that might be your problem.That module is what allows the window to go down by itself after you touch the down button.Sounds like it is bad.I haven't been into it myself so I don't know if it's something you can clean and or repair.You might be able to disconnect it.I don't know if it will let your window work if you do.Hope you get it figured out.I bet it's cold up there this time of year with your window rolling down by itself.

Colds not the word for it Critter. I quick fixed it for now by disconnecting the switch. But to roll the window down I have to plug it back in then quickly out at the desired setting. Note: do not try this while driving! I'm telling you from personal experience. There is no way on earth to drive during a snowstorm on the highway, insert & disconnect a switch quick enough to stop a window at 1/4 open. The window drops all the way down until the end of your highway trek (mind you blowing snow inside the truck), or you almost slam the guy on the side & in front of you!

I went to & got a wiring diagram for the window. There is an item called a "Master Window Control Switch". Does not show a location, but I do have wire colors. I will open the door up this weekend & match the wires to the box. If they match I have to assume the door box is the above item & is bad. Hopefully a quick trip to the boneyard will solve my winter window wonders.


The Master Window Control Switch will be the one on the door where your switches are at.
The One-Touch Module is the box in the door mentioned above.I can't find a part# for it
In the Ford Service Manual under 94 2dr it's listed as C-508. I suppose that is for location purposes for them.Just guessing here but that sounds like your culprit because it can roll the driver window down by itself after you touch the button once and let go.
Maybe a wire is grounding out on it or maybe they're crossed or something.What I have on it is-pin1=red pin2=red w/yellow 3=light blue w/black 4=yellow w/red stripe 5=black. You might try disconnecting the black wire from the module because it looks like the master control switch has it's own ground but all the power wires are are run through the module to the master control switch. this might let you disable the auto down without losing the up and down on the master control.
If it warms up this afternoon and I get off my lazy arse I might go take mine apart so as I can be more help;)

Just for grins, check the wire routing through the door jamb into the cab. sometimes that rubber hose slips out and the door panel could have chafed the insulation off the wires causing them to short to ground or one another.-Tom :)

OK, I put the coffee cup down and went outside and took mine apart. Check the wires like SuperEx said above.If they look good you can find out if it's the module by clipping the little black wire to the little box that originally sits above the light in the door.Mine was just hanging loose when I removed the door panel.When I disconnected the plug I could not roll my window up or down by the switch but by plugging it back in and removing the smaller black wire to the plug it disconnected the auto down and the window worked fine by the switch.I was tempted to leave mine unhooked.It drives me nuts trying to crack the window for a little fresh air and it starts heading all the way down unless I push the button again.Anyway...the part# on the module was F20B-14B118-AB if that helps anything.I never thought to look and see if mine matched the colors I listed above out of the book mine is a 92 4door but the module is most likely the same.If clipping the wire fixes your problem then it's the module that's bad you could replace it or just leave the wire clipped.If it still rolls down then it's probably a wire chafed somewhere grounding out since you said you swapped switches and it still does it.If you still have trouble I have the wiring diagram and we can go from there.

By the way I did take my module apart while I had it off.It's just a circut board inside so not much in there I can work on.That's my wife's department around here. She is a supervisor at an electronics plant.I just tell her this thingy don't work and she will tell me
some diode or resister something is fried and she can take it out,get a new one,and solder it back in.I don't have the eyesight or patience for tiny details.I can spray electrical cleaner on it and either clean it or tear it up.Can go either way:)

I want to thank you both Critter & Super for your help. This is what a good board & members do for each other & without the nagging I get at home (Thought you knew what you were doing.... How am I suppose to use that now?.... How do I turn it on / off again??) I'm a simple duct tape guy who happens to get fasinated by ripping something apart & seeing how it works. Unless it keeps the cold of New England OUT of my warm truck!!

Turns out I ran to Autozone to buy a stereo adapter kit for the new radio my wife donated out of her old minivan (hope she don't find out). The speaker wire harness was wrong, so off to the boneyard I go looking for another explorer to match. No dice, still wrong wire harness (little 8 prong box metal / gorund wrapped.... can't find the aftermarket part).
Anyway, while there up to my knees in mud, I figure might as well rip out the door black box as Critter mentioned (BTW... they are date stamped as well. Took my 9/2/94 out & replaced with a 12/12/94). Put the switch back in & it worked!!

So the whole problem was that "Master Window Control Switch". My original & the boneyard one dangled like you said Critter (above the door interior light), so I still do not know where that bracket is supposed to mount.

Thanks again guys from a warmer & safer driver in New England. Next step is to get the radio working & mounted before she knows it's gone :)

No problem, glad it helped.I know what kind of weather you have there.When I was truckin' I used to drop in Holyoke once a month or so.We have our share of cold and nasty down here but we've been lucky the last couple years.It's not been too bad...Good luck with the tunes situation.

Thanks for the luck Critter. Got 1 speaker working for now, so it will go smooth come Sunday (gotta work tomorrow)

Holoyoke eh? I try to stay out of there myself. I'm skirting South-east Springfield myself toward Belchertown (actual name) & Palmer. But cold is not the word. Although like you we have had it tame (so far)

Peace & Thanks

Critter92X;1377014 Post #5 said:
. . . try disconnecting the black wire from the module because . . . this will disable the auto down without losing the up and down on the master control.

Just did this today. Thanks. Driver window would only lower 1/4 of an inch each time the switch was pressed. Always went up well though.

Clipped the black wire --I have a functioning power window again!! No one touch power down . . . but I can live with that.
This forum is great! Thanks Critter . . .This saved me a lot of trouble, time, and some money too.