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Ghost Rider - 2003 Limited

Pack up all those phantoms,
Shoulder that invisible load...

- Rush, "Ghost Rider" (Vapor Trails, 2002)

This is my 2003 Limited 4x4 4.6L. It's the third of four Fords I've owned, behind my 1994 Ranger, which I still have, and my old 1998 Expedition, which I should have run off a cliff. Stock, it came with everything but AdvanceTrac, rear DVD, reverse sensors, and tire pressure monitoring. I've had it for over twelve years but I think I have finally done enough to it to warrant a Registry thread.

Engine - stock 4.6L block and crank, Trick Flow 75mm throttle body, Trick Flow Street Burner intake manifold, Modular Motorsports Racing stage 2 ported/polished heads, Comp XE262H cams, stock valves w/Manley springs, JBA headers, MMR forged pistons & rods, MMR Hurricane oil pump, Magnaflow catalytic converters, Derale 16830 dual 12" fans and Derale 16759 fan controllers, Steeda underdrive pulleys, and Jegs remote oil filter mount with Modular Motorsports Racing's block adapter. Long block built by Jim Grubbs Motorsports in Valencia, CA. Basic tuning by Unleashed Tuning via SCT TSX.
Transmission - stock, original w/293,000 miles and very few minor issues
Transfer case - stock, broken...
Running gear/brakes - stock original, Yukon 4.56:1 gears
Suspension - BTF Fab spacers and upper control arms, stock struts, custom sway bar end links with Energy Suspension bushings
Tires - BF Goodrich All Terrain KO2, 285/70-17
Wheels - stock Limited, with 1/4" spacers to clear the steering knuckles
Custom instrumentation from Speedhut - oil pressure, water temp, trans temp, and voltage, in customized Auto Meter Ford Super Duty cluster on dash
Precision Interface Electronics FRDN-AUX adapter with Anker Bluetooth receiver, on stock head unit/speakers
Mostly blacked-out grille
F150 tow hooks
Stainless steel step tubes/removed stock running boards
Multiple BlueSea panel-mount USB chargers throughout
Almost always running a Carista Bluetooth OBD scanner with OBD Fusion

Engine - likely no additional mods to the engine itself, though an oil cooler will be added. Also Magnaflow exhaust & dyno tuning at some point.
Transmission - 6R80 or 10R80 conversion
Entertainment - Android Auto-compatible head unit
Minor auxiliary lighting
Considering the 1.5" body lift project







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Pics added...

My girl and I took a getaway weekend to Truckhaven with @Rick, @BKennedy, and several others. No off-roading for her (street tires and a blown transfer case...still..., plus there's no competing with these guys in this thing), but as a highway cruiser? Several times I looked down and I was moving along at 90+, with plenty of room for growth. This is my first road trip with the new engine and it's an absolute joy to drive.

Apparently the trick to leveling a Gen 3 involves a receiver-mounted rack and a lot of firewood...


From a recent trip up US-395 (and side roads) and back down CA-4




Remote oil filter kit from Jegs...


Tech details...

This kit doesn't fit a 4.6L out of the box. It comes with four adapters for the engine side. I took the one with the smallest inner diameter, drilled it to 20.5mm, and tapped it to 22x1.5.

The hose clamps in the kit are crap and were replaced, after a line blew off in the garage.

A few changes since my last update...

1) The engine-side adapter that came in the Jegs oil filter relocation kit is crap and leaked like crazy. It would probably be fine on any of the engines it's designed for out of the box, but does not work on the 4.6L. I replaced it with the unit from Modular Motorsports Racing and the leaks are gone.

2) I replaced the single Derale fan with a dual 12" kit (Derale part #16830), and two separate controllers (Derale part #16759). The single 16" fan couldn't keep up at idle on hot days, and I was still seeing 230+ degree temps in traffic. The new setup runs in the 212-215 degree range in traffic, even on 100+ degree days. That particular kit required a fair amount of cutting to the aluminum shroud to custom-fit to the factory radiator, and was worth every bit of it.

Sound system is next...

Very close. Golden State Hwy, just north of Templin Hwy.

Very close. Golden State Hwy, just north of Templin Hwy.
oh ok i know exactly where that is. probably know it since ya been there, but templin & old ridge route iirc thats where the ending of f&f7 was filmed i think.
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Yep. The closing scene of the series finale of Sons Of Anarchy was filmed near there as well.

Yep. The closing scene of the series finale of Sons Of Anarchy was filmed near there as well.
yes!!! ok good you know lol! :) first time i saw it at night so it was hard to tell, but came during the day and i can see it ;) cool that you went!!! wouldnt have expected it to be there lol

A 6R80 would be a sweet upgrade