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Ghosttrain2's 1994 Explorer Rebuild - First Gen SOHC +

My Ex started out as a nicely equipped 1994 Explorer XLT, with the 4.0 OHV, A4LD auto,electric shift transfercase,tow package,JBL sound,limited slip rear end with 3.73 gears, and leather seats.I bought this used in 1998, with 91,000 miles, sold it in 2004, and got it back in 2006 with a rod knock. It's a twin to my son's Ex in the pictures here.



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The drivers side rear area has alot going on in it- there is the rear washer resevoir-

Keyless entry module, 4x4 control module('94), rear fuse box-

and I added a 12 volt power tap for any future needs. One use now is for a rechargable Mag Light.

The relay you see is for my back up lights-coming up later.

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Moving to the rear exterior, here is what a gen 1 explorer looks like with a gen 2 tailgate on it.

Here is another shot of the rear tank showing body clearance. I believe the tank would fit even without a body lift.

As I stated earlier in this post, I used the entire wire harness from the '97 donor explorer. I wanted to retain the stock '94 taillamp bodies. I installed the brake light bulb/sockets in the main tail light holes. I installed the turn signal bulb/sockets in the back-up light openings using amber bulbs. I bought some 2 stage driving lights to use as back-up lamps, and mounted these under the body.

I did not like the gap between the body and bumper from the body lift, and came up with this.

The rear filler I constructed was an extra(slightly bent) lower grill support. I cut off the ends/corners to fill in under the tail lights.It is installed upside down from the normal installation on the front.

I was surprised at how close the contours were.


I made caps from some sheet metal,cut to fir ,and welded onto the ends.

These were then mig welded in place.

The center was trimmed to fit between the back up lights,caps welded on, and then the whole center filler was welded in place.

top view with liftgate open

Everything was then sanded and primed.


I was happy with the results-it was simple to make!

I had decided to use the wheel flares from the '97,

and modified the rear wheel flares to fit with the rear filler I constructed.


I found that the body already had the provisions for the inserts to install the rear ones. I drilled holes for the front.I did not drill any holes to fasten the top edge,and plan to use two faced tape to secure it after painting it.

I have had some problems come now that I have been driving it for a while. Some are from it sitting, and some from other causes.(the pictures are out of focus) I had a drivers door latch that would not lock by the key,or lock rod. I removed the latch to clean and lube it, and could then get it to lock, but now wouldn't unlock. Further inspection revealed a broken spring lodged in the bear claws.


I removed it, and determined where it had been installed. It was attached to this arm.

I then drilled 2 holes, and attached a new spring externally to the arm. The internal spring held the arm at the end of it's travel. If it does not return to that position, it jambs the latch to either the locked ,or unlocked position. (determined at the time the old spring broke)


It has been working properly since this repair.The spring is something I had on hand, but have also seen the same one at the hardware store.

Amazing how over engineered a part can be. Think of all that went into making that part, makes my head spin. LOL!

I had to do a similar fix on the rear hatch latch. A spring had broken off and disappeared. I had to figure it out blind with no spring laying around or hanging off one side. Ended up using a spring I had, it works so I guess thats all that matters :)

lookin good keep up good work

wow, quite a build! great job, keep up the amazing work!

double gas tanks must be amazing

They have come in handy here in Nevada, Giving a piece of mind offroading out here. In our two outings, never saw another vehicle.



looks like your having fun!

Thought I would post a couple of pictures of my wheels.


I glass beaded the factory rims and caps, and had them powder coated gloss black. I have to redo another front cap as the plastic tabs broke off.( due to bake time in the oven,shrunk the plastic and made it brittle)
I mounted 31-10.50/15 Big O - Big Foot A/T's on them. They are made by Cooper. I have been very happy with their performance in the sand and rocks here.

Nice work, seeing what you have done makes my head spin!

I still have other things I would like to do, they will have to wait until I am employed again tho.

Wow....that is some great intense rebuilding you've done to create your own truck. Looks good.

I cant beleive i never saw this thread before :thumbsup:

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