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GIJOE's Desert Explorer

*Update#5 07-18-2008* (See bottom of page 4)

*Update#4 04-06-2008* (See middle of page 4)

*Update#3 03-14-2008* (See top of page 4)

*Update#2 03-08-2008* (See bottom of page 3)

*Update#1 08-22-2007* (See page 3)

Thats right I am back :)

Heres the new Explorer:
1998 Ford Explorer XLT 2WD 5.0L V8
This one is identical to my old one.
Hopefully I wont Roll this one.

Most of you already know what I was trying to do with my old Explorer but for the people who dont know here you go.

This is going to be a full blown race truck and prerunner. I plan on racing either 1450 or 1400 in MDR and maybe SCORE.
Heres just a few plans right now I will add more later.
-Full roll cage
-Camburg long travel front suspension (Already have)
-3 linked in the rear
-custom 9 inch rearend
-King coilovers and bump stops on all corners (maybe King havent decided yet)
-Fiberglass front and rear fenders and fiberglass hood
-Custom front and rear bumpers
-4 racing seats
-Tires and wheels
-All required racing equpiment

Heres pictures of the new Explorer.


Heres a picture of my Camburg long travel kit.

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howd u install the rear door handles with the fiberglass. i got the rear fiberglass but never figured out how to re-install the door handles outside of the fiberglass?

You just need to extend the linkage the 4" for them to work.

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:confused: umm... which part?:confused: cant i just buy the extended linkage?

We just cut a hole in the door and bent the linkage towards the new glass and it works just fine thats what I was told to do by Perry's.

For the front suspension I am going with a long travel setup that I have had for two years already its just waiting to get put on the truck. There's pictures of it on the first page.

u dont happen to have any pictures of it do ya? :)

No sorry and it can be a pain in the butt to take off that part of the glass. When I go to paint the glass I can get you pictures but I don't know when that will be.

sounds good. i know what u mean about them being a pain. ehh... i took them off to get primered and ehhh.... what a mess.

Ok here is two HDR pictures I made for you HDR fans.



Update 03-14-2008:

Here's an update on some of the parts that I have. I am just waiting till I have all the parts and then I will be putting everything on.

-(6)KMC endro beadlocks.

Suspension: (New suspension items).
-Upgraded Camburg spindles.
-Aluminum Camburg hubs.
-Wilwood 4 piston calipers.
-Wilwood rotors.
-Upgraded Camburg steering.
-Deaver race pack leaf springs.

I also just ordered a 32 gallon Fuel Safe fuel cell that should be here in a few weeks.

Now for some pictures of some of the new items.









Wow, and wow! I love those wheels!

Those are some badass parts man. Hopefully you can get them put on soon! I collected a bunch of parts over new years but none of them have made it onto the truck 3 months later:rolleyes:

I know what you mean I have been collecting some of this parts since August 2005 and they are still not on the Explorer. But I did have a small set back when I crashed my old Explorer.

Update 04-06-2008:

Well I bought a aftermarket steering wheel and installed it on my Explorer this weekend.

What I got:
-Momo steering wheel(Model Nero)
-Grant installation kit (Part #3289)
-NRG Innovations quick release
-Billet aluminum 3 bolt to 6 bolt adapter (From Kartek)

Here's what it looks like.




Thats pretty you have any schedule laid out as to when the rest of the parts are going on....i want to see that suspension already, that hub upgrade kit is pretty sweet too if i had the money i would definitely do it.

I have ordered the fuel cell and rear axle. I am just waiting for those parts to come in. And then I will be putting everything on at the same time.


geesh those parts are worth more then the truck! cool!

Is it driving you nuts to have all of this stuff sitting there not installed?

I does sometimes cause I want to be out in the desert driving this thing. But oh well I have learned to live with it. That and it doesn't help when I change my plans on what I am going to do.

Update 07-18-08:

Ok here's another big update. Over the last few months I have collected more parts. Oh and I changed my plans. For the rear suspension I am no longer going to use leaf springs, I am linking the rear with a 4-link setup. I am also going to cut up the rear cargo floor and tub the rear to gain clearance for the fuel cell, to clear 35's, and to gain more up travel. Then the Explorer maybe a 3 seater so I can run my shocks into the cab but I wont know for sure until I setup the rear suspension. Oh and the rear axle is a full floating 9" axle. Ok now for the pictures. I just don't have pictures of the fuel cell yet.

New parts:
-Dirt-tech 9" housing
-Strange Pro-nodular case
-35 Spline heat treated 4340 axles
-Precision gears 4.88 gears
-Daytona pinion support
-Billet Yoke
-Detroit mechanical locker
-Camburg billet aluminum full floating hubs
-Wilwood rotors
-Wilwood 4 piston calipers
-Camburg front sub-frame
-Dirt-tech trailing arms
-Fuel Safe 32 gallon fuel cell














**Oh and if anyone is interested or knows someone interested I have Deaver leaf springs the race pack and custom shackles for sale.**

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