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December 6, 2003
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no 4x4 anymore =(
Wanted to say that the hootus incident is still attracting members! My buddy has it as a link on his AIM info, and that's how I heard of it. I must say that, after reading all 13 pages of the hootus thread, I admire your ability to stay calm. You could have deleted, closed, edited, or otherwise done away with all the comments being made, but you didn't. How the Herculining on the side of your rig? still toughin it out?

PS: at the time of this posting, there were 243 posts (but the thread is closed) and 149287 hits. wow. that's all i've got to say... wow.

thanks again for the laughs, and for your unceasing ability to take all the crap that is dished to ya.


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August 3, 2000
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At this point I think you are entitled to some type of award or cash prize.
Also Herculiner sales must have skyrocketed since your incident, even if it was just from Herculiner awareness because of you!
They should cut you in on the profits, or put you in the commercials, "I can tell you this stuff really holds!"

hahaha! Sorry to bust on ya!


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February 13, 1999
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Even as late as now I still get an average of one or two emails or PMs per week from someone that just saw that thread, LOL. I got thousands while it was active and hundreds per month the first year :confused:

Links ended up on a Jeepgals forum and also a nurse's forum who were all concerned about my plight and willing to help me with my problem, LOL :D If you read that thread closely, within a week there was a response from every continent including Antarctica - I was expecting something to come in from the Mir space station by then :rolleyes: I left home and hid for a week when a radio station van parked in front of my house waiting for me to come home, I got an email from the president of some newsgroup in Japan wanting to fly me to Japan and interview me, I was told several major celebrities considered covering the story (or maybe they did but I didn't hear about it), etc etc etc. And the morning gang DJs at a rock station in Philadelphia wrote a song to the tune of "Carolina in the morning" - nothing could be finer than to get some Herculiner on your hooooo- tus :rolleyes: I oculd go on and on. When we ran the Rubicon last summer, we hit a traffic jam on Cadillac Hill and ended up talking to a drunk yahoo in a sombrero who asked me and Ray where we were from - when Ray told him about our website, he said "yeah, I've heard of your site, that's where some idiot got Line-X on his d*ck".

It will never end :(

I expanded worldwide brand recognition for Herculiner - more than their top salesperson ever would - and all I got from them was a gimme cap, lol.

In the old version of this board the hit count maxed out at 65,535 hits. It reached that days after the thread started. Much later on after the thread was old, Rick upgraded the software and the hit counter started again. It's had a LOT more hits than the amount that shows now; it probably reached that amount during the first week.

One thing that thread did was prove to me how scarily powerful and immediate the internet is. I cannot remember our size exactly, but at that time this site had maybe less than 2,000 members. The fact that the entire world was in on it within a single week and it's probably taken a million hits is mind-boggling.


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April 25, 2000
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2008 JK
Just got an idea:

Instead of "Moab Edition" yours should be the "Hootus Edition"