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Glamis in February


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November 16, 2006
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its been to long since i've been to glamis, so it's time to hit the dunes!

we're goin out the 15-17 of this month (february) and inviting anyone who wants to come!

(copied from post #28)
This will be presidents day weekend, so it will be very busy! party people, drunk people, bros, quads etc. and people like this will be there (kids, don't click this)

no, our group won't be crazy party hardy poeple, but im just letting you know its gonna be busy.

it'll be fun though. drive off into the beautiful hills of the dunes that run for miles, find places that nobody is at, or chill at a crowded place and watch people race up the hills. see some wild vehicles (like lifted cadillac sedans with paddle tires)

who's in and who else is interested?

so far:

Robbie w/ navajo (me)
Jim w/ bronco
Justin w/ bronco
matt (mounty71) w/ awesome built first gen explorer!
Burns w/ sandrail and quads
Ken (Boomer12) w/ explorer that gets wheeled every weekend and never dies


Sean (Carlover) w/ explorer and cool bumper
my friend Brendon w/ jeep
Jim's friend w/ tacoma
Dave (cybergasm) w/ explorer

here are some photos from last time we were there, nov 06. pretty busy weekend




but still plenty of quiet areas




novajo making it up oldsmobile hill


bronco up oldsmobile hill


and here's pics of our first ever trip to Glamis with a STOCK explorer and STOCK gmc denali. it was a blast even with the stock 2wd explorer!!!




of course, as always, I get stuck




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Might be interested as long as it's an off weekend since i hate large crowds.

I'll be there.

what kinda setup is advisable to run in the desert?

where exactly do you run your truck out here? I'll be interested if my buildup is done, I'm just wondering how much wheeling can actually be done with our pigs out there.

Isn't the terrain a lot like ocotillo wells with a little pismo? I've never been, but from what i've seen that's what i am expecting. I think our trucks would do fine out there.

its like pismo beach. just sand and dunes. i went out there in my stock 2wd explorer and had fun, and i also went with the navajo when it had a 1.5" lift and stock size a/t's. ill put up some photos of the last time i went there. i just have to find em first

...and maybe you can post your pics from the big bear trip...:p:

maybe i alread did :p:

RJ, have you decided on which weekend you're going? I will most likely be able to make it out friday night after class until sunday. Just wondering which one so i can mark the calendar.

the later date is easter weekend and that would be a more crowded time. i figure if any one wants to come they probably want to come on a less busy weekend, although i like the busy weekends. there's still so much space out there that you can find a place thats not crowded and have fun. but also go to oldsmobile hill and wacth all the crazy people too. so if there's enough people that wnat to go the earlier date, we'll make it that. also we're getting some "work" done to the truck after truckhaven and if it takes to long on that, we might have to make it the later date. but shhhhhh, getting the "work" doen on the truck is a secret ;)

Well luckily i am good at keeping secrets :) I am open to either weekend. Crowded doesn't bother me, and i'd like to see oldsmobile hill at its finest.

Bump, has a form date been decided for this?

I'm up for either. Crowded doesn't matter to me, but the earlier date comes sooner :)

I'll be down for this, since none of the slow old guys will show up.

In my humble opinion, Glamis is MORE fun on the busy weekends. Most of the people who go there are really friendly and will give you a hand when you need it. I remember one year, when I was out there with my family, there was a guy who was on the kidney transplant list. They found a donor while he was there (trying to de-stress, I would guess) and sent a helicopter out to pick him up. EVERYONE in the area was out looking for him! You should have heard the cheers go up when they found his camp!
Yes, it is a lot like Pismo (without the ocean). Nothing but sand dunes every where! Be prepared to come home with sand in every nook and crevice, though! Every time I went out, I had to take three showers when I got home (even with a shower in the fifth wheel we had at the time)!

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i kinda think its more fun on the busy weekends too. alot of the fun of glamis is just sitting back and watching. the crowds and the busyness is a sight to see. i just don't want to hinder anyone from going just because i like the busy weekends. i like the mellow weekends too