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Gmanpaint's 1995 XLT: Novembers Truck of The Month

Its that time to be thankful and since its thanksgiving its a great time to kick off our apperation to those on this forum. So for the rest of the year we will have one rig per week. Each thursday a new one will come out ending on Dec. 31.

The first rig is one which I have been able to see in person. It goes good and looks good to. Its owner is a great guy who can put together a great off road trip. Oh and I was allowed to drag this explorer a little. I wont post that picture today but anyone eles can. Here is to you Greg.

His Elite Reg:

I figured it was about time to get my registry going. I have been Modding my 95 XLT since last September. It was completely stock, and had a bunch of "health issues".

First thing was to get the 3rd brake light working. Fixed that by cleaning the trailer plug be hind the dr side tail lights.

Next was the windows did not work. Fixed that by replacing the relays and fuses. The drivers side glass came off the track. Fixed that with some silicone adhesive.

Then the power steering rack was blown. Got a new one installed.

The shocks and front swaybar links were broken. Installed a set of cheap Monroe's, and a new set of links.

The tires were all but bald and had broken belts. Got a used set on 235 Mis-chillins to get by.

Off it went to the state inspectors so I could get it legal.

Next up was a plethora of fixer mods, and hopped up mods.

Had a poll going to see who liked what on tire walls.
Lets hear it! Vote on raised letters in or out?

Turns out a little more than half liked white letters out, the rest, black wall out. I got my war 153 shackles, did a TT, and mounted a set of BFG 31"x10.5 white letters out on a set of stock tear drops.


I got a smoked chrome billet grill from JTsmith, and installed some 100 watt lights behind it.



Next up was a set of nerf bars off a 2000 EX. I painted them black and hung them up.


Then it was a trip to Kansas to see the wizard. JTsmith helped me install new rear axle seals, new pass CV/axle, new E brakes and new brakes complete w/new rotors all the way around. That is when the cross shaft bolt head in the rear diff carrier snapped off.

We changed the lower ball joints, got my cruise control working again, and swapped my bad leaf springs, with another set I got off of 2 diff rigs, both passenger sides.





















Here is a video too:

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...Congrats on TOTM...:salute:

I would like to say "Thank you very much for being selected Truck of the Month".

Its been a great time modding this rig. I have learned a lot along the way. Thanks to the forum members that are here now, & the past who have helped build this great site. I couldn't have done this with out you. Quite a few people on here have had a hand on helping with this rig, and I thank you all. I have no idea when I will stop building on this EX. It has a good frame, & lots of soul, so it will be around for a long time to come.

If you click the link below, it will take you to my complete registry. There it can be seen in its entire chronological order of the mods.


Congrats good lookin ride...........