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going for the gusto...

hey guys i just got the local ford dealership to give me an allignment. Is there any visible way to tell if they installed shims/a camber kit????

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Sence you are constantly changing the ride height your alignment will never be perfect. WHat alot of people do (which I kinda think is a waste) is air it up to your desired ride height and then have it aligned sitting at that point. This way, in theory at least, your alignment will be correct when driving at that height. I have found that the constant motion ends up messing that up in the long run anyway though. Tire wear is not a huge issue...but alot more frequent than stock ;)

If you are refering to the bags with the shock running through the middle of them, I have not heard any definate word good or bad. I do know that you can't get quite as large of a drop with them, and you are only given about 4" of lift (this was last I checked on them about a year ago). If these do give you the drop you are looking for and don't mind the limited amout of lift, then I highly suggest them as they will be the easist to install. Another rout you might concider is actually modifying an "air can/rod" to bolt into your front shock mount...or close to bolting in. They can be used on trucks, are much more reliable than bags as rubbing is not a factor.

Look at the upper conroll arm/A-arm and find the mounting points on the frame (joints). On either side of this you will see either a series of spacers (shims) or a small adjustable mount (should be cleaner than it's surroundings due to it being new. This would be the adjustible camber kit).

Hope this helps you guys.

hmm, I want to drop my truck like 2 1/2 3 inches, and I cant find any actual lowering kits for my truck.. ok the front I-beams, is there anyone that makes em for my rig? and the flip kit in the rear, is that all that is needed to drop the back end? or do I need to buy something else? sorry for all the questions, but I really dont know alot about suspension. thanks.. Godfather, im guessing you do this for a living?

ok I took pictures of where the A-arm meets the frame, does it have camber adjusters or not???



Ummmm.....I think I saw that scene in a sci-fi flick that I watched the other day....maby the movie "Pitch Black."

:D Seriously though, I can't really make out what that is. I don't see any additions to what ever you took a picture of though (nothing that sticks out due to age on the truck). See if you can get a little better shot in good light, and maby a little further back ;)

93BLUEXLT, I don't do this for a living, it's just sort of an obsession for me. The all consuming hobby. I actually am thinking about doing some jobs part time though. Where I live I can sell hydraulics/bags all day long b/c there isn't anyone near here that can do this stuff (and they aren't even that good if you ask me :confused: )

Stock suspension :shoot:

pitch black is an intense movie! and i just added a post to my resume.

Wheels are on, and I'm trying to find time to bring it down another inch (about). I am also in search of a digi cam so that I can post some new pics for you guys.

i did it

well i got my new wheels and i also dropped the front 2" so that is would be just a tad lower then the back. when i first put my rims on the front looked higher than the back. now it looks bada**. thanks.

Hey guys, guess what... my ball joints are screwed. It's only been lowered for about 2 months and the are wrecked... upper and lower. I thought that wouldnt happen. Whats going on? My torsion bolts are out and the total drop of the front it about 2.25". Exolorer express said that stuff like this wont happen. I know that 2.25" is a little more than 1 3/8" but still. From www.explorerexpress.com
Q. Will lowering my Explorer damage the suspension?
A. No. The X-SPEC suspension kit was designed to keep the suspension operating within it's design parameters, so there is no accelerated wear of suspension components.
What should I do???:confused:

...Did you get a proper alignment after you lowered it?
with shims etc...?

Did you put shorter shocks on after?

The above if not done can be harmful to front end parts. (I'm no expert just been doing a lot of research , and in the past I've lowered and raised several cars and trucks)

On the EE site, in their "FAQ's" it says they have tried from 1"-3" and found that 1 3/8" was the best as far as wearing out parts, ride etc...

Johnny V

I got an alignment and they said it came out perfectly. I didnt get shorter shocks but I got new monroe reflex shocks. According to explorer express you didnt need to get shorter shocks they only recommended it for 'superior dampening'.

Something must be seriously wrong for them to go bad in 2 months. I'm so pissed. Maybe I should take it to another place and have them look at the alignment to see if its dont correctly. Whatever I do its gonna cost me.

That sucks man!!!!

After you got it alligned did the tires still look squated out when looking at it from the front? /-----\

If they didn't say anything to you about putting in shims they didn't. It's involved and will be more than a $45.00-$65.00 regular alignment.

If you lowered it 2" I guarantee you need shims.
The EE kit comes with shims, and that's only a 1 3/8" drop.

Sorry to hear it man!!!

Johnny V.

they didnt say if there were shims used. it cost $125 and it still looks a little /----\ but not nearly as much as it was before... or maybe it just seems that way. I'll call em up and ask them.

Do you still have the recipt?
That will tell you what they did, and should give you the specs.

Also if you Ball joints are shot the wheels will look

Johnny V.

My receipt says:

computerized front end alignment....................$49.95

Includes: check tire pressure, wheel run-out, & front suspension components. Check present alignment condition and align front end to specification.

Set camber (4X4)..............................................$65.00

Shop supplies.....................................................$3.45





yeah, i just dont know where. I dont know anyone that does alignments so I dont trust any of them. I could take it to another place and pay them to tell me its wrong and then they wont do anything. There isnt really a way to know for sure, is there? I'll take it to my friend who owns a repair shop and have him look at it and see what he says. Maybe he can recommend a trust worthy place. This whole thing just sucks. How much do ball joints cost?

????? I have no idea.

The ball joints aren't the problem, it's the labor $ removing the old and replacing the new.
Then you'll need an allignment again.

How many miles are on your truck, or I should ask before you lowered it?

Johnny V.

Right now there is 52K on it. There was probably around 50K when I lowered it. The more I think about it the more and more I think it would have to be the alignment. How many people on this board have lowered their trucks and how many of them have had their ball joints s#!t the bed 2 months after, regardless of how low they are?

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I just did mine about a month ago, and nothing yet.....