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going for the gusto...

just start off by removing the adjuster screws and see where you are at from there. you may not need to do the flip if you like where it sits after the screws are out....every vehicle is different so just try it and see where it gets you....good luck

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Sorry to just jump in the post at the last minute, but i have a few questions...I have a 2001 X Sport 4x4...can I lower this a few inches, and if so, what negative impact can or will it have on the 4 wheel drive operation?? ANy info or how to's would be great, thanx.....


is it ok to remove the torsion bar adjuster bolts completely? is there enough support for the adjuster with the bolts out?

I had mine out for a few months.

Been away for awhile b/c I been without the net...but now I'm back.

Just wanted to let you guys know that I am selling Project X. Details can be found in the For Sale section.

It's been fun, but I have bills to pay and new projects to buy.

rear end dropp

How did you dropp the rear end so fast

I've had my 2000 explorer sport since.....well since it was released. I was looking around here for info about how to lower it. I have already taken out my torsion bars and got about three inches in the front. Now i am looking for an inexpensive to put it to the ground. I know it was probly disscussed earlier but please if some would tell me agian.

are you sure you took out the torsion bars? or the adjuster bolts....i wouldnt recommend taking out the bars unless you beef up the springs....that supports about 20% or more of the weight of the front end....
as for putting it on the ground....you will want to bag it to do that and its not inexpensive.

i don't think you can put it to the ground (cheaply), unless you do it a very wrong way and just start taking things out, or cutting things...

I wanna lower my truck 3 - 4 inches.... ANy rub ?

Damit your rims are clean, What are they..? Can you give me a link.. ?

Rub depends mostly on the wheels that are on it. I'm lowered 2" and my cobras rub but the stock ones dont.

I am getting a little rub with my 20x9 with an offset of: +35mm.

You can see the tire rub mark on the Saleen anti-sway bar:


Ive been searching for info on lowering my 91 4x4. Can someone tell me whats needed for the rear and the front? I found a post that said it could be done two inches but didnt say what parts are needed. Please help me!

This thread deals mostly with the 2nd gens. The back would be the same... just some blocks. The front it totally different. Just search around some other threads in this forum. I've seen em. Good Luck!

Ok searched more and so I use 2'' drop blocks in rear and 2" drop coil springs in front. My question is are the 2'' drop springs useable in 91-9? just want to know what to buy and from where. What brand has them?

ive heard most people talk about eibach or something like that.

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Okay, I've got all the info I need for lowering my X (99 Sport) from this thread. I only have one question more: I looked at the rear (single) leaf and there seems to already be a lowering block in there! I bought my X used, so I don't know if the prior owner fiddled with it, but did anyone else's X have something between the leaf and the rest? It looks more like 4 small (~1/4" to 1/2") blocks rather than one big block.

I want to get about 2" lower, should I get a three or four inch block and take out the stuff thats already there or a two inch block and leave it?