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Going no where fast.


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January 19, 2010
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Phoenixville, PA
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94 xlt
Ok so heres the deal. I have a 94 explorer 6" suspension lift and 3" body on some 36s. Decided to have some fun and ran up a 6 foot snow bank, then popped her in reverse to get out but she stuck like glue, no tire spin or anything. Tach read around 3 grand but the engine sounded like it was revving around 5-6. When put in gear in moves at about 2 mph when its floored, will not move forward with the front wheels straight. acts the same in 2wd and 4wd. I just bought the truck a month ago and was told the trans was rebuilt 10k miles ago. fluid seems to be ok. please help me out.

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Look under your EX behind the converters on the tranny to see if you somehow knocked the vacuum hose off the modulator. If all looks good at the trans follow it to the intake to make sure. Otherwise Pull the tranny pan and see if you find any metal shavings because if the hose is off the modulator it should still try to move.

thanks i check it out in the day light. trans is just shot. sad thing is it was rebuilt 10k miles ago. looks like im buying a new jasper trans.

When I was a technician I installed alot of Jasper engines and to me they are second to none with their competetion. I'm sure that's no different with their transmissions.

yea i hear the engines are great..wierdest thing tho, it sat for 3 days because of snow and i was pulling it out to get ready for a tow to the shop and it moved fine, i even drove it 10 miles to the shop with no problem.