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going to look at a 92 lifted x tomorrow


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February 21, 2010
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'94 Eddie B explod*****
Ok well tomoroow ill be going to look at a 1992 xlt x. It has 31 in bfg tires and a 4 inch lift. The guy is asking 900. What would be some thing i should look at befor buying. Thanks for any ideas....

Tranny slippage, burnt fluid, dirty fluid, and leaks.
Motor oil clean and in range. Oil leaks. No funny noises. check the motor mounts by dropping into gear, (hood up) press brake firmly, and rev the motor. Look for the motor to lurch. (bad)
Bring some tools and check the differential oil. Mine looked like milk chocolate I discovered when I got home.
If it's a 5 speed check that oil too. Also look to see if the tail shaft is covered in oil. Check for slop in the shifter.
Watch for any crazy wiring. Look under the hood and under the driver's dash especially.
Tire wear to diag alignment.
Check all windows and locks, power or manual.
Check the cruise control.

But really for $900 expect to have a fixer-upper. But that gives you haggle room. Bring cash in $50s or $20. It looks like more than 9 one hundred dollar bills. I've saved thousands over the years with this tactic. They see all that money and want it.

Hey thanks. Ill be sure to look at posted things to look at. I know it has new front breaks wheel bearings and fairly new 31s. All that ive been told so far that is wrong is it needs an alignment and gas guage dosent work. I figure for 900 or less it would be a desent investment for all tje parts i could use on my 94 x