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Going tons.

I'll be updating this thread as often as I can and with as many pictures as I can. Unlike my other threads. :p:

So far, i've picked up a 79 HP Dana 60 and a 90s 10.25 sterling rear. I've got air lockers for both and 5.38 gears. The 60 is getting Reid racing knuckles chromoly shafts and joints.

A few pictures to come tomorrow when I go on duty.

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I'm really terrible at keeping this thing up to date!

The setup for the Sterling axle:
5.38 Yukon gears
ARB Air Locker
Disk brake swap

HP D60:
5.38 Gears
Reid Knuckles
High steer
10 Factory chromoly shafts and joints

So far I've got both axles geared, cleaned up, painted, and MOSTLY put together. The rear axle is in, I just need to get different style and longer e-brake cables. The front axle is still being set up. I took out my old coilover hoops to remake them and a new xmsn crossmember and skid plate are in the works. Here's some pictures.




Stack of parts!!!

This is what caused me to start on the one ton swap:

It's a super88 rear shaft that popped on a moderate trail at Uwharrie national forest. It has a lifetime warranty and from what the Superior rep told me, it's due to a bad batch of shafts.

Easiest part was swapping in the rear end.


Empty housing.


You can see the notched carrier bearing cap for the air line.


Here's the housing finally cleaned up and disk brakes swapped in.


The front end stripped apart.

The worst/hardest part of doing the front end were replacing the kingpins! I tried everything and spent hours looking for a way to get these damn things off. Mine were pitted pretty bad so replacement was a must. I finally found a post online saying to cut a groove towards the base of the kingpin, then hit it with heat and impact it off! It worked!




Here's an ARB air locker for... um... one of those axles.

A couple of 60 shots.


This is how she sits right now.





Last but not least, a shot of the sterling installed. It looks like it belongs there.

I cut out the stock xmsn crossmember and cut off the exhaust. I also cut off the front differential mount off the d/s frame so I have more room for the upper link.

The lower link material for the 3 link is 2.25" OD .375 DOM, and 2.0" .250 for the upper. All ends are the 2.63" ballistic joints w/ 1.25" shanks. The steering is going to be 7/8" heims in 1.5" OD .250 DOM and the trackbar is going to be the ballistic joints I have from the previous trackbar setup.
Right now the front axle is being mocked up at full stuff so I can make sure I have the proper clearance. I'll flex it out once I get the links, xmsn crossmember, and trackbar fabbed up.

Now that looks awesome!!!, You shouldnt be breaking axle parts anymore.

Nice progress. Really digging the beadlocks!

Nice! cant wait to see it with the front done